PHYSIOGEL Hypoallergenic NEW Physiogel® Daily Defence Facial Range

Throughout the day our skin is exposed to numerous environmental aggressors such as chemicals, extremes of temperature and the sun’s rays. Air pollution in urban areas, a contributory factor to many of these aggressors, can be up to 15 times higher across the globe than recommended by the World Health Organisation air quality guidelines.
Without protection from these irritants, our skin, the body’s protective barrier, can be significantly damaged. It’s important we protect our skin from the harsh particulate matter and other environmental factors that are present in the air around us, which can often lead to dryness and sensitivity as well as premature ageing and pigmentation spots. The makers of Physiogel® believe that every woman should be able to face the day confident in the knowledge her skin is protected from environmental aggressors.

Daily Defence Gentle Cleansing Milk
Effectively removes make-up, dift and impurities. Gentle cleanses while respecting the skin’s moisture barrier and works in harmony with Daily Defence Protective Creams to increase skin’s resilience to sensitivity triggers such as pollution and external irritants. Leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and soft

DAILY DEFENCE Protective Day Cream Light SPF15
 Defends the skin from dehydration and environmental aggressors. Supports skin’s natural resistance to external irritants and environmental aggressors .Works naturally with your skin to make it less sensitive and restores skin’s brightness and radiance and 80% noticed visibly healthier and less sensitive skin in 2 weeks.

DAILY DEFENCE Replenishing Night Cream
Strengthens and repairs skin’s barrier function at night when skin is more receptive to renewal. Provides intensive moisturisation overnight. Makes skin less sensitive and contains an advanced complex of essential lipids and antioxidant to increase skin’s resilience to environmental sensitivity triggers, such as pollution.

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