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When comes to enjoying a real good genuine hot and spicy food with authenticity, you have to have the right company to share the joy and shed a few happy tears together with big laughter and go home with a big satisfaction plus a few numbness on your lips that still can make your smile as charming as ever. The more you eat and the more you crave, this is the beauty of enjoying a real good spicy cuisine. By mylifestylenews.

Sichuan food is one of the many Chinese cuisines that uses chili the most on almost every dishes they have created by far with great complexity and multiple levels of heats that not only focusing to burn your tongue with a monotonous heat. The real idea is to let you experience with different type of chili used in different dishes by various cooking method, it serve no other purpose but to only enhance each dishes by bringing out its best flavours from within. Spiciness is one of the most straightforward sensations of taste. Among the various types of spiciness typically encountered in Sichuan, China, the one in Chengdu involves the richest combination of aftertastes, namely hotness, numbness, fragrance, sweetness, saltiness, sourness and bitterness. Sichuan House presents the spicy culture of Chengdu, Sichuan exquisitely through the use of traditional spices and foodstuff and bringing this unique cooking culture to Hong Kong foodies.

 Sichuan House Executive chef Wu Hung Chu, former apprentice of the nationally recognised Sichuan cuisine master Peng Ziyu, to bring with him Chengdu’s spicy culture to Hong Kong. Wu is skilled at selecting different kinds of Sichuan spices and foodstuff for cross-over culinary attempts, offering traditional-style Sichuan cuisine without much compromised. He is also specialize in presenting a diversified collection of ingredients and dishes with various spices to create unique flavours that are specially sourced from Sichuan and transported to Hong Kong by air to offer a full spectrum of varying spicy delights. Let's free your tongue and let it dance with high spirit as Sichuan house surely won't let you down.

<Crispy Pork Jowls> (Hot:*)
Fresh pork jowls are diced and deep fried until crispy. Premium Sichuan pepper, chili powder and sugar are added for further crispiness, sweetness and spiciness. A good snack to begin the fire journey.

<Coriander Pork Belly Rolls with Crushed Garlic> (Hot:*)
Directly arriving in Hong Kong by air from Sichuan daily, the coriander with a strong, mouth-watering fragrance is wrapped around with sliced fresh local pork that served cold and seasoned with the chef’s special garlic spicy sauce. A well balance compliment on ingredients used.

<Mouth Watering Chicken> (Hot:***)
Fresh deboned chicken legs are fixed onto bamboo picks and soaked in a unique, spicy oil consisting of 24 different spices, including “facing heaven” pepper from Guizhou and “two-twig” pepper from Sichuan. The tenderness of the chicken combined with this sensation of mouth-numbing spiciness is the must order when comes to Sichuan cuisine to see how skillful the Chef could make this dish right before ordering others from the menu. Watch out, the heats kicks in slowly later and it is common that a bowl of steam rice to order right after to finish the dish with this peppery sauce.

<Pea Noodle in Garlic Chili Sauce> (Hot:***)
This Yin & Yang, cold and hot combination of the almost tasteless pea noodle and the garlic chili sauce is another appetizing starter. You may have it as main to double up the portion. The hint of vinegar not only helps to wash down a little of the heat but also to balance the heat from the sauce. A classic "Ice on Fire" dish. Love it!

<Chili Fries> (Hot:***)
Sinful! Guilty and devil-ly delicious! This dish is a lucifer. So rich in flavour that not words can describe. probably one of the best fries tasted ever in recent years. You will be stupid if you stop eating it.

<Tea-smoked Duck with Chicken Filling>
Fresh chicken meat is blended to small pieces and filled into a duck which has been slightly smoked with the lovely scent of Tie Guan Yin tea that leaves light aroma onto the meat. This "love at first bite" is the mildest among other dishes from the menu.

<Sauteed Sizzling Spare Ribs with Celery Head>  (Hot:**)
Spare ribs are well sauteed and lightly stewed to perfection by absorbing the sauce with intense aroma. Quite a delectable dish despite it is a little salty on the palette instead of heat. The celery and onion are not to be missed out.

<Crispy Kung Pao Tofu> (Hot*)
Bean curd are fried to medium crispiness and sauteed lightly with cashew nuts and dried chili. A mild dish with a hint of sweetness and usually is a palette cleanser in between dishes.

Poached Mandarin Fish Slices in Chili Broth (Hot:****)
Poached fish in chilli oil is definitely representative of Sichuan cuisine. An entire fresh Mandarin Fish is sliced and cooked in a special chilli oil in Chengdu-style. The sauce contains more than 20 spices transported all the way from Sichuan to Hong Kong by air included the premium Sichuan green pepper which intensifies the mouth-numbing sensation and takes over 4 hours for the cooking to finish. Such other ingredients as starch sheets, stem lettuce and soy bean sprouts are also put in for creating this famous Sichuan delight that is enjoyed by adults and children alike.

<Fish Slices with Vermicelli and Pickled Vegetable (Hot**)
Another mild version of Sichuan-style poached fish. This is for a more easy enjoyment as it is less spicy yet the sour and salty taste of the pickle vegetable is rather the highlight of this dish instead of the fish. Quite an enjoyable dish.

<Premium Spicy Meat Crab> (Hot***) - Pre-order required
Each crab weight approximately 3/4-kilo from the philipines is fried with a new variety of Sichuan pepper, garlic and chopped shallots. With the crab is fresh and sweet in taste and bursts of stimulating pepper flavour, it is finger licking good!

<Premium Red Pepper Dry-rubbed Prawns> (Hot:*****)
A new species of Sichuan pepper is ground into powder and added to big prawns from
Vietnam and fried with deep fried chopped garlic. Very intense chilli flavour in maximum high heat that almost cover the freshness of the prawn. This is the perfect dish to challenge your spiciness limits. Eat with your own risk.

<Salted Plum Gelato>
This Plum Gelato is to die for. Freshly homemade only in Sichuan House with a rich and solid texture yet creamy finish. You would want a double serving.

<Candied Banana Fritters>
It is a joy to watch the presentation at your table while this dish is presented. Staff are skillfully trained to create the sugar candy floss with the hot and cold theory by browning the sugar with high heat and then quickly roll over the pre-fried banana fritters into a bowl is Icy cold Sprite and pull it high in the air to create the immediate foamed floss. A definite WOW presentation.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Chili Fries
Mouth Watering Chicken
Tea-smoked Duck with Chicken Filling
Salted Plum Gelato

7/F, M88, 
2 Wellington Street
Central, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2521 6699

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