LONGCHAMP SS2016 Fashion Presentation

 LONGCHAMP SS2016 collection is about Energy, Dynamics and Momentum. The collection has been worked around this search for energy according to three themes: energy generated by Heat, Light and Movement. Each story contains clean cut, graphic, dynamic and precise lines, as if underscored with a stroke of pencil or eyeliner. All the colours are contrasting, framed, with black and white.

Playing with different stripes and cuts, like the architect Le Corbusier or the painter Buren. And with streaks, brush strokes, lines in movement and sleek effects like the painters Yves Klein and Soulage, or with calligraphy.

In terms of hues, the “Heat” is a vital source of energy for everyone. Immediately thinking of the heat of the sun, which turns skin and landscape brown.

Therefore, it brings to you the hues of terracotta, khaki, sandy, yellow, cognac, gold and the like. Besides, the “Light” refers to the energy of a bright, electric, warm or cold light, which is synonymous to parties!

Definitely a source of joy and good humour! Hence, the tones include electric blue, warm light, bright and pink. Last but not least, the “Movement” is another source of wellbeing – sports, action, and flow, which evolves into round lines, as well as graceful & dynamic gestures.

The movement can be traced like brush strokes. The colours, such as pale pink girl, sky blue boy, sand and vibrant orange, are then derived. The entire palette is extremely rich, even when apparently understated, in fact it is simply graphic.

The leather items remain however central to the collection. Made entirely of jersey entirely of jersey bonded lambskin, they are either supple or structured and unlined.

 The edges are cut clearly for a more modern feel. The streamlined cuts are gently revealing without overly exposing.

The collection spotlights positive energy. It satisfies the needs and tastes of women working in the city, with items that are both well-structured and elegantly cut from noble materials.

Men are changing! Urban, sporty and frequent flyers: men these days love accessories that blend the pleasurable with the beautiful, the stylish with the practical. For every new situation or time of day, they opt for design and ergonomics in their bags and luggage, which bring added convenience to their everyday lives. The brand new and ingenious RACING+ line offers bags, towels and briefcases all equipped with outer and inner pockets as well as padded compartments for computers and iPads. These items are made with fine quality leather and an attention to detail that make them both chic and comfortable.

The new LONGCHAMP 3D backpack boasts dramatic graphic and symmetrical lines, softened by the versatility and natural essence of calf leather. Modern, casual and incredibly refined all rolled into one, this versatile bag is perfect for any situation, and can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. For strolling around town or along the beach this summer, the YACHT CLUB line audaciously mixes two jacquard weaves for a very appealing, vibrant effect. The large handbag and backpack offer a sporty-chic sailor-inspired look for a casual business alternative.

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