ISSAYA SIAMESE CLUB Hong Kong Introduces Thai Semi-Buffet Lunch

Issaya is an old Thai word for the rainy season. Fresh herbs, vegetable, fruit and rice flourish because of it, so homage is paid to this natural phenomenon by naming the restaurant after this beautiful season. The restaurant is the creation of the “golden poster boy” of Bangkok cooking, Chef Ian Kittichai rooted in his childhood of growing up in the Bangkok wet markets inspired recipes. And now the restaurant ISSAYA SIAMESE CLUB Hong Kong Introduces the Thai Semi-Buffet Lunch with a splendid array of appetizers & Desserts showcasing unique signature Thai Cuisine of traditional flavours with modern twist.

The Thai Semi-buffet lunch offers more than 9 appetizers, 2 soups and 6 desserts from the with a choice of main course to choose from 6 different options that served with Chiang Mai mushroom rice as well as other add on. The selection offers mostly the signature dishes from the regular menu and it is the best way to sample some real good Thai food with authenticity in one go. Despite the sloppy service from the manager without much eye contact and lacking of observation on table service, still the food is the reason why we came back to ISSAYA SIAMESE CLUB and here are some of our picks:

<Yum Nua>
Australia grass fed beef, fresh herbs, organic vegetables, charred bird's eye chili vinaigrette is quite appetizing. A real good mouthful presented with a bamboo skewer.

<Yum Hua Plee>
Banana Blossom and heart of palm salad, crispy shallots and roasted peanuts in a chili jam dressing. A classic flavour of Thai salad, rich, complex and pleasurable dish. A real good mood food.

<Yum Som-O>
Pomelo salad, hard-boiled quail egg and peanuts in red chili dressing. Sweet Thai pomelo mixed well with the tangy peanuts sauce with a hint of spice.

<Moo Manow>
Iberico pork loin salad with preserved Meyer lemon and Asian broccoli in chili-lime dressing. Thin sliced iberico pork is very well marinated with the refreshing dressing and other condiments like fried garlic and shallots brings the palette to next level.

<Somtum Talay>
Organic green papaya salad with shrimps in a spicy bird's eye chili lime. It may look as spicy as you may have thought but rather mild in heat and yet flavoursome dish.

<Tom Yum Seafood>
Classic "stomach warmer" starter for all Thai food with rich and intense flavour condiments like kaffir lime leaves, galagal, Tom lemon grass, chili and the soul ingredient is the homemade Tom Yum paste as well as mixed seafood includes shrimps, fish, squid to enhance the entire soup. Another triumphant dish that not to be missed.

<Goong Pad Char>
3 large tiger prawns sauteed in a house blended pepper-holy basil sauce. Prawns are fresh and meaty despite the sauce is a little watery and flat in taste. A little disappointed on this one.

<Geang Kraree Gai Krob>
This southern style chicken in a homemade aromatic yellow curry sauce with sweet potatoes is to die for. Almost a pan-fired chicken version of duck confit with a hint of sweetness from the yellow curry sauce create a very well balance taste on this dish.

<Gai Aob>
All natural Australian chicken with "ISSAYA-SPICED" rubbed and grilled to perfection and drizzle with coconut tumeric sauce with a light of fame while presented on the table. Aroi Mak Mak!

Assorted house-made petit-fours to end your Thai buffet journey. Others include cream brulee, honey dew ice cream, chocolate cakes, apple flans and more.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 4.5/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 2.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4.5/5

Highlights :
Moo Manow
Tom Yum Seafood
Gai Aob

 25/F, Soundwill Plaza II - Midtown
1 Tang Lung Street, 
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 21543048

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