sen-ryo IntroducesThe Flavours of Kyushu &The Areas Around Shikoku To Hong Kong

Despite the drastic earthquake and aftershocks at Kyushu yesterday, sen-ryo still showing their biggest support by introducing the flavours of Kyushu & the areas around Shikoku to add on to their Spring menu in Hong Kong. Originated from Tochigi in Kanto, Japan, sen-ryo is still one of the many restaurants that preserves the traditional outstanding edo-mae handmade sushi technique.

From Ehime Prefecture and Oita Prefectures come the citrus aromas of yellowtail. The irresistible fish embodies two distinct citrus aromas that enhance the fish’s natural flavours. From Nagasaki, Japan are fresh Isaki fish, that when combined with different cooking methods brings out limitless freshness and sweetness. To complete the dining experience are four types of premium sakes, perfect for those who like to pair their drinks with their meals.

Situated in the southwest of Japan are Kyushu and Shikoku, the third and fourth largest islands of Japan. With its geographical advantages, the peak season for yellowtail fish is in March where sen-ryo has especially chosen the citrusy yellowtail from Ehime Prefecture and from Oita Prefecture. Ehime is the leading producers of oranges in Japan, yellowtail cultivated in this area are fed small oranges (also known as ‘mukai’). This results in tasty plump meat with an added gentle citrus aroma. From the Oita prefecture are ‘kabosu’ limes, which the lime oils and juices, are used to better enrich and develop many different dishes. The ‘kabosu’ yellowtails also use this special feeding method which results an added freshness and sweetness to the plump meat.

The sen-ryo yellowtail menu includes mukai and kabosu sushi, and prime sushi/sashimis. Mukai Yellowtail Sashimi accompanied with a refreshing yuzu glaze and tasty Seared Kabosu Buri Sashimi with sour parsnips will both tease your taste buds. In addition to these is the appetising Grilled Mukai /Kabosu Yellowtail Joint, seared to a golden crisp, the sweetness and tender flavours are best when accompanied by a small glass of sake. sen-ryo also brings together with the 4 premium sakes with limited availability while stock last in 4 different characters and style includes the Aromatic Sake, Crisp Sake, Mellow Sake and Age Sake.

The Chef is sen-ryo also specially chosen two appetizing snacks to begin your meal accompany by the premium sake. Deep‐fried Sweet Shrimp with Garlic as well as Mirin Grilled Dried Fish Fillet makes a good starter.

This appetizing Mukai Yellowtail Sashimi is accompanied by a sour yuzu jelly that enhances the freshness of the shashimi.

Seared Kabosu Yellowtail Sashimi paired with appetising sour parsnips, the Seared Kabosu Yellowtail is extra fragrant and the melting natural fish oils enhance the flavours.

The presentation is one of the highlights. This Deluxe Osusume Sashimi Platter with 5 different combination of sashimi accompany by an entire Isaki fish on this deluxe platter. a perfect sharing dish for enjoyment.

Two different type of sushi to follow, the Mukai yellowtail sushi  is plump and tender with natural fish oils and delicate mukai aromas where Kabosu Yellowtail Sushi and Prime Kabosu Yellowtail Sushi have a fragrant kabosu aroma and is refreshing on the palate.

Warm dishes includes Snow Crab Pot with Miso Sauce comes with a secret miso recipe with the crab roe, the essence are all absorbed by the crab and vegetables. Even the soup becomes a delicacy of its own.

Another Snow Crab Miso Soup in lighter flavours with the freshness and sweetness of the Snow Crab will leave you wanting more.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 3.5/5
Design & Decor: 3/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 3.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Deluxe Osusume Sashimi Platter
Sake Tasting Platter
Shop A&B, G/F, Riviera Mansion
59-95 Paterson Street, 
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Tel: +852 2915 7060

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