Salvatore Ferragamo Introduces The New Signature Bag Boxyz

Salvatore Ferragamo presents the new boxyz bag. Creative Director Paul Andrew has deployed all of Salvatore Ferragamo’s generations-worth of artisan expertise to develop an original handbag uniquely suited for the demands of 21st Century life: a future classic. This unique-to-each-bag lock and key means the private contents of each boxyz need never be compromised. Combined with a light yet strong rigid frame in redefined trapeze shape, this feature transforms each bag into a highly personal and always portable treasure chest. The signature of Salvatore Ferragamo is there for the cognoscenti to see in boxyz’s Gancini-shaped top-handle and clasp closure, as well as the hardware on its securely attached key fob. Additionally, the design’s front flap features a distinctive chisel detail at each bottom corner. The boxyz is initially available in ten colors and four materials - calf, tweed, ostrich and lizard - followed shortly afterwards by special print-lined editions.

Offered in three sizes, (17.5x9x17.5 cm, 22x10x20 cm, or 27x11.5x23 cm), and featuring both top-handle and adjustable (and removable) shoulder-strap, the boxyz is scaled to suit every lifestyle. The functional efficiency of the boxyz’s hand-crafted opening reveals two capacious compartments, one zippered for security, one open for convenience. Each boxyz is constructed in the finest materials and perfectly-worked by Salvatore Ferragamo artisans. This is a bag for now and forever. “Selecting a handbag that will be with you every day is an intensely personal choice. So, when I set out to create a bag worthy of carrying the most essential and cherished items in a modern woman’s life - as well as becoming one of those items - I started by asking the many important women in my life what they care about most in a bag. Every response was as different and diverse as the women who shared them, but there were some common themes; privacy, convenience, strength, beauty and boldness. The boxyz is designed to answer these needs down the last letter - a portable and precious safe space crafted with Ferragamo’s heritage expertise.” Paul Andrew said:

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