Boucheron Presents Serpent Bohème Novelties

In 1968, an exquisite creature came out of the Boucheron workshops. Serpent Bohème's mesmerizing jeweler's dance had begun; the dance that would never end. With its head evoked by a subtle droplet shape and its chiseled body rippling under its golden scales, over the years this reptile has come to stand out as a mesmeric classic in the Maison's repertoire. A majestic demonstration of the craftsmanship of Boucheron's jewelers. Although, over the last fifty years, the motif has taken a few liberties, at times exchanging, for example, its diamond paving for a new range of colored stones - turquoise, lapis lazuli or white mother-of-pearl - its spirit has remained unchanged. It has snaked its way from pendant to bracelet, from ear-jewel to ring, from watch to headband, always retaining the aura of mystery that surrounds women of character. To adopt this animal that symbolizes infinity is to choose a special, vivid and protective talisman that knows how to play femininity. Like the Boucheron woman, with panache, but softly softly, Serpent Bohème has never been so free.

Serpent Bohème is first and foremost a subtle mix of materials worked with infinite virtuosity. A series of codes constantly replayed. In white, pink or yellow gold, Serpent Bohème bracelets now come with XS motifs, paved with diamonds or inset with turquoise, lapis lazuli or white mother-of-pearl.

The Maison Boucheron is also trying a whimsical, baroque effect with a version that combines colored stones with diamonds. These lapis lazuli, turquoise and mother-of pearl bracelets are ornately sealed by a jeweler's clasp with a tassel. Twenty-four individual Serpent Bohème is what you get with this yellow gold and diamonds headband.

Original version in diamonds, the XS drop motif also comes in the colors of turquoise, lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl. It is combined with a strong twisted chain in yellow or white gold, which itself even features the odd round-set diamond. The jewelry watch has adopted Serpent Bohème time, with a gold bracelet paved with diamonds or mother-of-pearl, or with a malachite or lapis lazuli dial.

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