VALENTINO SS2018 Men's Collection

 Competing, for the research of a personal equilibrium. To be there, in harmony between community and individuality. Mercury and Volcano. The unreachable etherealness and the completely absorbing energy. Team spirit and the urge of being at the center of attention. Conflicting forces that merge in sport.

Sport and Atelier. Antithetical languages that reconcile in the research of a human and authentic expression. Craft as a sign and as awareness. Traces of other worlds and of other cultures as if them being moments of a journey. The blending of the characters of present times.

Looking to the street, to discover the perspective of everyday consciousness, welcoming the other and the diverse. A wardrobe of archetypes, made individual by diversions, disassembling’s and vacillations. The anorak, the perfecto, the track jacket, the chinos, the shirt and the running shoe.

Volumes adapt on the body, ad personam. Lettering and geometry as the calligraphy of urban surfaces. The briskness of the digital thought blends together analogical traces.

Nylon, cotton, acetate, cashmere. The precision of the dynamic matter and the aristocracy of touch. The surprise of the delicate color. The affirmative presence of black. Freedom in approaching, volcanic and mercurial. Exact and unrepeatable, as a DNA thread.

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