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Bangkok has what one would describe as an "electric" culinary scene – new dining establishments are opening every other day and there is stiff competition to get attention with so much on offer. La Scala at the Sukhotai Bangkok, is home to its signature Italian restaurant and is the epitome of fine dining in Bangkok. mylifetylenews writes.

Dining out is one of the main events or things to do when in Bangkok, as it is an eclectic scene, bounding with energy and experimentation and often spoiling you with its exotic and tempting choices. If you want starched tablecloths and hushed dining rooms, then think again, as La Sacala sets a more relaxed environment and is a lively place to indulge in superb Italian cuisine and wine. The dining room is not overly large, so it has a bit more intimacy with some alfresco seating as well. The table tops are simple with a touch of red napkins and glassware brightens up the table settings and corners, yet adds an elegant touch and the service is top notch.

The menu is not incredibly large, so you don’t have to spend too much time thinking about your options, which means the kitchen focuses intently on what is available. The night is also about surprises, the first surprise was the simplicity of flavours with a delicate touch: Pecorino Sardo (from Sardinia), White turnip and edible flowers (Calendula and Begonia). A few wafers were presented on a ‘tree’ and this touch of whimsy in presentation whetted our appetite with expectations for what was to come. This was followed by another Amuse Bouche of Smoked Egg Custard Guanciale (cured Pork Cheek) - a richness of flavor encapsulated on such a small dish that we loved and piqued our appetite.

<Pomodoro Infornato, Gamberi Rossi alla Griglia, Mandoria>
We felt that a selection of soup was the way to kick off the evening, beginning with Pomodoro Infornato, Gamberi Rossi alla Griglia, Mandoria which translates as baked tomato soup like a bisque, Sicilian red prawns, almond cream. The Sicilian Red Prawn lightly grilled atop a prawn soup that was almost like a bouillabaisse encompassing rich flavours. The sweet prawns were perfectly cooked with an infusion of basil leaf and prawn head juice. The presentation in itself could not fail to impress, with aromatics from the sea, but the food speaks for itself and an utter delight to taste.

<Stracciatella, Funghi Primaverili e Asparagi>
To provide a complete counterpoint, we also ordered the Stracciatella, Funghi Primaverili e Asparagi - A clear chicken soup stracciatella, parmigiano “cloud”, wild spring mushrooms, asparagus. This was as expected, with a delicate flavor and utterly delicious, with beautiful morel mushrooms to add body to the presentation as well as a highlight in flavor. We simply could not get enough of this soup.

<Battuta di Fassone, Asparagi, Uovo e Parmigiano>
Next came the Battuta di Fassone, Asparagi, Uovo e Parmigiano - An Italian fassone beef tartate, green asparagus, marinated egg yolk, crispy parmigiano with mushroom mayonnaise underneath. This dish was a revelation, as the chef had presented this classic dish in a way that we felt was new, with the crispy parmigiano a touch of genius, as the flavor and crunchiness was divine and the perfect counterpoint to the rich beef tartare which was perfection in itself.

<Linguine Limone e Scampi e Ecaglita di Mandoria>
The other dish to accompany our Primi piatti was the Linguine Limone e Scampi e Ecaglita di Mandoria - Linguine cooked in lemon leaves infused fish broth, langoustines and avila almond “cheese”. This was a perfectly cooked dish with a hint of the sea and simplicity of flavours that reminds you how and why classic Italian cuisine tastes so good.

<Piccione Farcito>
For Secondi di carne, we began with an all time favourite: Piccione Farcito - Stuffed whole pigeon served with “red salad” and liver pate. The presentation in itself was stunning and eye-catching. The pigeon meat was rich, gamey and beautiful with the stuffing that created a gorgeous palate of flavours.

This was an outstanding dish in execution and was balanced by the delicate touches of raspberries and strawberries that counteracted the richness of the stuffing, as indeed did the small sprinkling of salad leaves as well. This is a dish to last long in the culinary memory banks.

<Filetto di Manzo e Verdure alla Griglia>
The next dish was the Filetto di Manzo e Verdure alla Griglia - Ireland Hereford grass fed beef tenderloin with grilled vegetables a la La Scala. The grass-fed beef tenderloin from Ireland was packed full of flavor and tenderness. Being grass fed beef, the texture had an individuality and graininess that we loved and was utterly more-ish and distinctive in its own right. With the accompaniment of char-grilled vegetables, this was absolutely the quintessential dish to savour in a trustworthy fine dining restaurant and had to be complimented by a superb red wine to heighten the moment.

<Fichi e Gelato all’aceto>
Desserts could not be ignored, given how fabulous the culinary journey had been so far for the evening, we were looking for some unusual flavours and focused on two options: Fichi e Gelato all’aceto - Figs, walnuts and lemon leaves compote, organic apple vinegar ice cream. The poached figs with fig jam and a white sesame semi-freddo with Italian meringue and lemon puree is a good combination for a classic Italian dolce. On reading the menu description, we felt these desserts had a more unique dimension than the usual choices and we were right.  The poached figs were more savoury, rather than the usual sweet concoctions that many chefs choose to produce and we loved the less is more approach to sweetness. The semi-freddo of sesame paste and honey also gave us another palate dimension that we weren’t expecting, resulting in an interesting journey of flavours that wasn’t overly sweet and the perfect foil to all the rich courses we had eaten earlier.

<Gocce di Latte, Mela e Aloe – Milk Drops>
Milk “Panna Cotta” drops in red apple juice, aloa vera, begonia flowers served in the cut out of a moon and stars form. Do not expect the usual silky smooth texture from a panna cotta perspective as this is the alternative version created by the culinary team in order for you to appreciate their creation.

The multi award-wining La Scala restaurant occasionally hosts world acclaimed chefs by doing pop-up dinners for food connoisseurs - both residents and visitors to Bangkok, not only for its food but also for its excellent and impeccable service. We were excited and not once did the kitchen let us down and each course was just as memorable as the last and the evening finished with a glass of limoncello which reminded us why Italians have such a love for simple ingredients and a zest for life.

A good dining experience is not only when the food speaks for itself, but can continually ‘wow’ you with superb flavours and produce, then La Scala is a must and to indulge in an incredible carefully crafted menu that changes every season.The service was faultless, with each member of the waiting team having a complete understanding of the menu and we left feeling very privileged to have been able to enjoy such a spectacular evening of Italian cuisine. For an upscale, outstanding Italian fine dining experience in Bangkok, with incredible attention to detail, La Scala ticks all the essential boxes.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 5/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 5/5

Battuta di Fassone, Asparagi, Uovo e Parmigiano
Piccione Farcito

13/3 South Sathorn Road,
Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: +66 2 344 8888 Ext 8654

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