Valentino Resort 2018 Collection

Valentino Resort 2018 Collection
Identity is a construction in progress, that with dialogue expands, evolves and forms. Looking to the street, with a clear eye and with a romantic soul. Submerging in diversity and reaching it in the epicenter where other form of expressions arise. In places of urban metamorphosis. Far away. Elsewhere.

To know the other, means to understand him. The encounter with what does not belong to us gives birth to blendings that change the course of the future.

Borders become elastic, merging together cultures and contradictory ways of being: vanishing grace and metropolitan concreteness; the spontaneous trait by Zandra Rhodes and floral refinement.

Hip hop as a melting pot. Sport: a system of signs and an attitude. Pre-Colombian authority and simplicity.

Freestyling: an assembly that erases borders creating a language. The shear cut that marks the rhythm and dictates the accents.

Elements of a wardrobe: the shirt, the trench coat, the pleated skirt, the track jacket, the dress. Precise actions that revise the image, conserving its essence: reaching the essential, increasing the volumes, quivering the surfaces.

Adorn, to acknowledge oneself. Reusing as a form of creativity. Jewelry as a composition that marks the persona.

Dresses at the service of one’s attitude celebrating the cozy spaciousness of diversity.

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