LEONARD AW2017/18 Wintry Crystallizations Collection

LEONARD AW2017/18 Wintry Crystallizations Collection is about a  young woman is exploring a marble quarry in Carrara, Italy. Around her, purple, blue and red striated rocks form an age-old natural geometry.

This eternal form of beauty suddenly gives her sartorial ideas. Trompe l’oeil marble print are pleated and delicately sculpted.

Flowers, part of the house’s historical DNA, run through the collection like a golden thread and evokes wild herbs that grow in barren landscapes, or orchids trapped in ice.

These blossoms are reworked into multicolored fur, embroider, sewn up in luxurious patchwork for an abstract, architectural result.

A marble jacquard is richly weaved to give texture and reflection. Soft textiles, such as printed wool or snow-white alpaca, bring sensuality contrasting with the overall rigor of the collection.

Our adventuress, always in search of functionality, also dreams up sporty blousons and streamlined blazers. This contemporary wardrobe allows her to have freedom of movement and to be at one with her surroundings.

Organic prints morph intro stripes, inspired by a natural process of fusion and crystallization. This metamorphosis suggests a connection between the elements, the wearer and her clothes.

Finding creativity in precision and meticulousness in instinct is at the heart of Christine Phung’s mathematical couture. This results in pieces that are both sharp and spontaneous, just like the woman who will wear Leonard Paris designs.

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