Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Vara Rainbow : “A Treasure In Your Hands”

Salvatore Ferragamo Presents Vara Rainbow:  
“A Treasure In Your Hands”

The new object of desire for Pre-Spring 2018: Vara Rainbow. Salvatore Ferragamo presents the new signature handbag, combining iconic features of its legacy with the freshness and modernity of geometric, compact design. Luxurious and understated, featured in mini-size complimented by an ultra-feminine palette - BonBon, Opal, Begonia and Black for calfskin models, Red for the patent leather version - Vara Rainbow is distinguished by the Vara bow clasp ornament.

It was Fiamma, Salvatore and Wanda Ferragamo’s eldest daughter, who continued to evolve modern design and style with the Vara bow ornament, originally conceived in 1978 with the now iconic shoe style. Forty years later, the Vara Rainbow handbag collection connects past, present and future for Pre-Spring 2018.

“When it came out,” said Fiamma in an interview on the original Vara pump, “the boutique line didn’t have a model that was both sporty and elegant.” The sophisticated style and innovative design of the Vara celebrated Salvatore’s reputed past while looking forward in realizing his dream to dress women “toe to head”, first used on shoes and later ready-to-wear and accessories.

On the outside, Vara Rainbow evokes a luxurious look, featuring a linear silhouette and sharp attention to detail. The inside offers a surprise effect, where the back pocket opens to a gusset, revealing a series of multicolour compartments that pay tribute to another iconic motif of the Ferragamo legacy: Rainbow, a sandal created by Salvatore Ferragamo in 1938 for Judy Garland and featuring a colourful wedge with an upper of golden kidskin straps. The sandal is one of the greatest examples of the founders infinite creativity, lending inspiration to many generations of designers and serving as an example of the modern use of colour, upheld by the fashion house as one of its distinctive features. 

Vara Rainbow, a treasure in your hands, embodies the spirit of craftsmanship, seeking inspiration from the brand's roots whilst sketching a story of complete modernity.

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