Valentino AW2017/18 Women Collection

Valentino AW2017/18 Women Collection
Time is elastic matter. The past is full of possibilities, as in the future. The means with which it is observed in order to find what relates to us makes it alive.

The manner in which it connects and unites what at a first glance cannot connect or unite makes it productive, discovering personal perspectives.

Combining, drawing closer, approaching: instinctive gestures that create individual scripts. The friction between opposites that becomes binding, without any efforts.

 Romanticism: a way of acting that favors instinct and sentiment, diversity and emotion.

Possible dialogues: between Victorian and Memphis, between fantasy and mathematics. 

 Codes migrate, discovering depths on the surfaces. The graceful pop by Nathalie Du Pasquier, the numbers, the colors, the free shapes and vibrations: nothing is how and where it should be, but yet it is. Gently.

Lightness and spirit of synthesis guide the route, in a research of vibrant and primordial purity. Volumes that increase, to then be restrained; the pleasure of coordinating all, using color as a sign.

The day as a horizon of perception. Adorning oneself, in order to be there. Fashion as a dialogue with time: disclosed, transformed, released.

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