VALENTINO AW2016/17 Men Collection

VALENTINO AW2016/17 Men Collection inspiration comes from the core of mans’ spirit comes from new experiences. Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild. Adventure as a self examination. An on the road journey to discover and to share.

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli undertake an aesthetic exploration of empirical authenticity for the new Valentino Men’s Collection. Protagonists are individuals on a quest of self-discovery, that use books as a guide and stimulus to abandon dogmas and beliefs, combined in an eclectic nucleus, filled with nuance.

Signs of extraordinary physical, melodious and philosophical adventures, gather in a wardrobe made of unexpected contrasts, that blends an outdoor spirit with edgy punk vibes, existential blandness with Pacific Northwest traces, tribal embellishments and absolute genuinity as well as beat and bohemian exoticism.

On this journey through remote and seemingly incompatible iconographic images, everything blends in a vital form of progressive harmony.  Hypnotic geometric patterns of Navaho blankets, spread over jackets and coats, checks multiply over tailored suits while studs embellish heavy winter outerwear.

The recurring comparison between open nature and free elements emerges on waxed camping jackets and slim overcoats with tie-dye motifs and camouflage patterns. Existential elements distinguish the total black looks, long and lean, from the sophisticated raw punk.

Total black returns, dense and textured, in double cashmere Couture pieces: jackets, coats and overcoats are reread through exquisite workmanship that combines respect for tradition and the freedom in reinterpreting it.

Denim as a fil rouge: a canvas on which, just like a diary, preserves the memory of individual stories. Five pocket jeans, processed, worn out, covered with studs and customized are carried with Texan style or embroidered shirts. 

Timeless classics, such as the camel hair coat appear in the narration, while overcoats in wolf fur and shearling intarsia introduces a wild note, landing into the frenetic customized embellishments of the Pearly Kings.

The search for individuality continues in the accessories: lace ups in brushed calf leather are trimmed with studs, boots are decorated with patches and sneakers have an audacious look. Fil Rouge, the desire of a concrete manual artistry, which spreads a patina of life experience on all.

The blending of the roots creates a métissage of style, where the individual arises without any form of individuality. The emotion is universal and syncrestic, because with Jon Krakauer “Happiness is only real when shared”.

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