King Fook Introduces The Bliss 999.9 Pure Gold Accessories Collection

King Fook introduces The Bliss 999.9 Pure Gold accessories collection, the word “bliss” means perfect, happiness and joy. Unllike traditional pure gold accessories which are often only worn on the wedding day and ended up in the safety box for the rest of the time, the Bliss Collection is specially designed for modern day women of today’s metropolitan lifestyle as an everyday wear.

The inspiration of the collection comes from the Scapular, an overhead apron with front and back, invented in the 7th century worn by priests signifying their devotion and promise to the church. Later, it became a popular object for everyday person worn as an amulet or a gift-giving item to show one’s blessing for others.

The Bliss Collection designed by King Fook adopts the front and back element of the scapular concept pairing the traditional Chinese elements such as the Ruyi, Tachi symbol, Infinity knot, Lotus flower, etc., and making it into a contemporary, meaningful, everyday wear gold jewellery.

The creative design of the Bliss Collection brings a breath of fresh air to the traditional 999.9 pure gold accessories market which is currently dominated by traditional wedding designs. The Bliss Collection is the first of many designs that King Fook will be introducing in the coming year riding on the idea that pure gold accessories not only has an intrinsic value as being a good investment, but also a very wearable accessory item that gives women an elegant touch of style!

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