GREAT Brings To You Your Favourite Christmas Feasts

Your Yuletide greetings can now be delivered with panache whether you are hosting a bountiful feast for your family, selecting a thoughtful holiday gift for your business colleagues, or preparing a romantic evening for your beloved, GREAT Food Hall has it all. Your Christmas feast can start with the world’s tastiest sausages, cold cuts, salami, Mangalica sliced ham and cheese platters with GREAT’s ready-to-go party platters and canapé collections, all guaranteed to sate your guests’ appetites.

Follow these starters with a Mary’s free-range turkey straight from the farm in California, and garnish with an array of Christmas vegetables, including parsnips. Or try GREAT’s ready-to-eat Christmas sets, and fully cooked or oven-ready items to make your Christmas meal memorable.

A sip of authentic Christmas comes by way of Shropshire Mulled Wine Spices, adding spark to the festive season. Serving a luscious dessert such as Christmas Pudding and Panettone is the best way to finish off the feast. Different hamper selections, confectionaries and chocolates from Monty Bojangles & Bahen & Co, and the refined tea experience of Thés de la Pagode Gourmet Tea from GREAT Food Hall make wonderful Christmas gifts to friends and business colleagues.

As the saying goes, first impression is the last impression. In 1869, Mark Pick began a family business in the south of Hungary turning out some of the world’s most satisfying sausages and cold cuts. The farm uses Mangalica, a Hungarian breed of domestic pig. The pork’s high marbling and beneficial fat content creates a delicate aroma and refreshing aftertaste.

Your party guests will be impressed by your cheese platter, which can be matched with Managalica sliced ham and salami. GREAT is the only grocery store in Hong Kong with an in-store Cheese Room, offering a tremendous selection of cheeses. All cheeses are kept at a constant temperature in a humidity-controlled environment 24 hours a day to
ensure the best cheeses in optimum condition. 

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