De Beers Enchanted Lotus Pendants

De Beers introduces 4 new pendant designs to their iconic Enchanted Lotus collection. Created to adapt to the lifestyles of modern women, these beautifully crafted pendants come in the classic openwork style or with an inlay of Mother-of-Pearl or Black Tourmaline for a modern look. The radiant purity of the flower is captured through a delicate diamond micropavé motif, shaping the elegant openwork pendants. The cyclical blooming of the lotus flower is represented through two coloured inserts. The Rose gold pendant is paired with a mother of pearl inlay, the iridescent sheen reminiscent of the sunrise. The Enchanted Lotus black tourmaline pendant is a stunning statement of style which reflects the dark sky underwhich the Lotus regenerates. These elegant stone inserts highlight the delicate micropavé motif on the front of the pendant, which can also be worn in reverse, revealing a discreet Round Brilliant diamond for a simple and sophisticated look.

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