DVF AW2016 Love Power Collection

DVF AW2016 Love Power Collection inspired by the ,movement of dancing, she is graceful and strong, empowered by love. New experiences are seen through a palette of peacock blues and light greys as she travels passionately through her world. In the last moments of summer, she turns to a chiffon apron dress and crisp shorts with a bow blouse.

With the first hint of chill she rediscovers print in new ways: an intarsia print vest is embellished with jacquard appliques edged in beads. a print grows into three dimensions on a jacket woven with fine threads and clipped into fringe.

She is powerful in a carefully finished bustier top, with a leather skirt that reveals insets of sort chiffon as she moves. A puff of fox fur crosses her body; a bag, a piece of jewelry, a playful wink. She breaks her own rules in a fresh wrap that extends over her boot, lending a bohemian air. Fringes in suede and Mongolian lamb on soft bags leaves a lasting impression.

Come evening, she lives in light slips with prints that dance, edged in eyelash lace. Layers in rich hues of rubiate, amethyst and carnelian, she recommits to her craft just as fall dawns. Her confidence manifests itself in unexpected layers of prints, punctuated by textures fresh and familiar. Her proportions are considered to reveal her femininity: long sleeves balance a mini jumpsuit, while a high necked gown falls open to reveal her leg. She finds comfort in coats that envelop her in strength: a trench in double bonded leather has softness, structure and dimension. 

Her creativity comes through in a vest of leather pebble shapes hand cut and stitched to make an organic patchwork of color, She layers it fearlessly over a light chiffon blouse in petite, contrasting print, the ruffle of her skirt dancing in the wind. With the early darkness of winter, her life builds into a celebration of love. She readies for the night surrounded by the warmth of her girls, emerging from a moment of intimacy in plunging hammered silk jumpsuit in an explosion of vibrant color. 

Her new wardrobe of wraps in fearlessly glamorous with a familiarity and ease. Beneath a soft jersey top, her skirt cascades, a petite floral bringing life to a chiffon embroidered in metallic jacquard. Hand beading and edging in custom dyed chain bring a new dimension to a wrap of gold sequins that dances around her body. A drawstring bad in playful colored satin dangling from her wrist, she faces the world with the calm that comes from knowing what she wants and who she wants to be.

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