TOMMY HILFIGER Fall 2020 Icons Collection Advertising Campaign

TOMMY HILFIGER  Fall 2020 Icons Collection Advertising Campaign centers around the theme of ‘Moving Forward Together’ by representing inclusivity and diversity. The Fall 2020 TOMMY ICONS campaign features a diverse cast reflective of modern America, who all uniquely advocate for greater industry inclusivity. Championing those underrepresented in fashion, TOMMY HILFIGER campaigns continue to make bold statements of what fashion should look like, celebrating and proudly portraying models from a variety of backgrounds, sizes, ages, gender expressions and ethnicities. The Fall 2020 TOMMY ICONS campaign is another step in this journey, building on the brand’s history of pushing the boundaries of what the fashion industry stands for.

Embodying the theme of ‘Moving Forward Together,’ the Fall 2020 TOMMY ICONS campaign was shot at Disney’s Golden Oak Ranch by photographer Dan Martensen, who captures and celebrates the beauty of every unique culture through his work. In-line with the campaign’s melting pot of talent, the Fall 2020 TOMMY ICONS collection on display was designed through the lens of an all-American kaleidoscope. It exudes a modern energy that comes to play through adventurous styling, yet remains true to the brand’s time-honored DNA and values.

The Fall 2020 TOMMY ICONS campaign casting features an inspiring set of global icons who take consumers on a journey of self-expression, with their unabashed authenticity and confidence in being exactly who they are:

Halima AdenA successful black, hijab-wearing model who, as Diversity Editor-at-Large for Vogue Arabia, amplifies voices that often go unheard.

Carolyn Murphy - A sustainability advocate and supermodel who defies industry ageism.

Dilone - A model, actress and social advocate who defies established gender norms through her androgynous aesthetic.

Michaela DePrince - A Sierra Leonean-American war orphan turned internationally renowned ballerina. 

Soo Joo Park - A Korean-American top model who advocates for stronger BIPOC representation in beauty and fashion.

Jasmine Sanders - A multicultural supermodel advocating for social justice through her social media platforms.

Precious Lee - A trailblazing black plus-size model, actress, writer and activist advocating for race and size diversity within fashion, TV and film.

Audrey Hilfiger - An artist, entrepreneur and activist who advocates for the LGBTQI+ community, donating 25% of profits from the Ali Forney Center towards their support, protection and advancement.

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