PortsPURE AW2020 Advertising Campaign

PortsPURE AW2020 advertising campaign shot in a vast expanse where the models embark on an adventure full of the unknown.The campaign is determined to discover sources of inspiration and to explore the limitless – a creative and eclectic journey of fantasy that reinforces self-recognition.

As the models makes their way out into the unbridled wilderness. Textures thicken with heavier knits and outerwear puffs up in a variety of down treatments. The changing winter landscape is reflected in the materials – shimmering across fabrics like the Aurora Borealis and fairytale-like snow crystals mirrored in a modern tie-dye pattern.

Themes of the PortsPURE AW2020 collection are conveyed via the pictures and videos: landing on a space of freedom where the uncharted collides with the alien, initiating an inward exploration of an inner self illustrated in multifarious styles, beyond the beginning and the end.

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