philosophy purity made simple

philosophy purity made simple skincare essential purity made simple eye gel takes only three days to restore youth to your delicate skin and to illuminate your eyes and repairs skin around eyes by improved appearance of bags, puffiness and shadows. Meanwhile, it hydrates and brighten up those delicate skin. your eyes look more awaken & radiant!

It restore radiance to your eyes featuring an innovative formula , which include the unique cooling memory gel, ginkgo biloba extract and caffeine. The formula instantly hydrates the delicate skin around eyes for a beautifully refreshed outlook. It enlightens you after long days and late nights with awakened eyes.

philosophy purity made simple hydra-essence instantly gives a boost of replenishing hydration, leaves skin looking plumped, with a healthy looking glow while providing a soothing feeling to the skin. In just 1 week, skin looks more clarified, dewy and full of vitality! Infused with exclusive coconut water, glycerine, sodium hyaluronate and stabilized Vitamin C glucoside, it contributes to maximum hydration. Leaving your skin looking plumped, with a healthy-looking glow and anti-irritating as well as dryness soothing. For distinct improvement, use it every morning and night.

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