45R Winter 2018 Collection

45R travelers’ story continues from American native tribe - Navajo, Scotland in Europe, then to Asia, 45R continues its extensive global expedition for design inspirations in creation of its story-telling outfits. Premium wool fibers are dedicatedly sourced and processed (indigo dye, milling and fulling), and spiced up with some Navajo ethnical and Scottish tartan pattern, in creation a wide range of soft and cozy offerings to beat the wintry chill.

Inspired by the idea of “Begin a new journey whilst upholding originality in our roots”, a series of celebratory capsules are specially introduced this season to mark the milestone of 45R’s 10th years in Hong Kong, to share this joy and happiness with all the 45R lovers.

908 Cotton Quilting
The Unisex Cotton Quilting 908 series is inspired by the quilted pieces found at the vintage shop beloved by 45R design team. Woven from a blend of cotton yarns (including Zimbabwe cotton, American Supima cotton and Indian Suvin cotton) in creation of the quilted fabric, the range also includes indigo-dyed styles to cater the need of indigo lovers. From size and arrangement of pockets and hood, to trimming details on cuff and collar, the design teams is devoted to go into every design details in creation of this precious and delicate range.

Float Boiled Wool Kamue Hoodie
A perfect marriage of contemporary sport chic and vintage styles by collaging kamue jacket with hoodie design. This piece has undergone fulling process to offer extra warmth and soft texture for your winter styling.

Poco Jacquard Hoodie
This causal yet chic Australian wool hoodie is adorned with 45R’s signature whales for a modern twist. The whales were adorned using alpaca by jacquard, and the special color blocking effect on collar and cuffs for dimensional look.

Classic Indigo
Hand-dyed in Ai Indigo, a natural blue dye exclusively from Japan, the colour of 45R indigo products never fade away easily and will gradually change to grey blue tone after a long time. Referencing from different indigo samples sourced around the world, 45R strives to produce comprehensive and unique classics for you to pass on from generation to generation.

Season of Wool
Effortlessly chic wool items are made from varied wool blends according to design needs. One of the main wool fibers used would be Shetland Wool originated from United Kingdom for its softness and non-creasing nature; and some boiled wool designs are made from specially processed felted wool fibers for the compact and densely rich texture. Versatile coats in various wool blends, cuts and silhouettes can easily fit into every style this season to keep you cozy.

Boiled Wool Knit Intarsia
Embellished with motifs inspired from Navajo carpet, the soft textured knit are made from boiled wool which milled. Comes with a pattern belt which is perfect for mix and match with other collection items.

Boiled Wool Outer
Coats in straight cut are made from Australian wool and Peru alpaca blend for the tweed-like texture, perfect for winter styling.

Jersey Flannel Patchwork
Inspired from vintage pieces, the items are specially processed and crafted with careful patterned fabric arrangement to give a hint of vintage and the suede-like touch.

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