EA7 Emporio Armani AW2018/19 Collection

EA7 Emporio Armani 
AW2018/19 Collection

EA7 Emporio Armani was born in 2004 from a passion for sports and the desire to continuously modernise sporting clothing through technological research. The line offers technical clothing for men, women and children, geared to meet the needs of various athletic disciplines, with the autumn/winter collections focusing particularly on the mountains and fitness training. The use of innovative, multifunctional materials allows EA7 pieces to provide the maximum amount of comfort while meeting all wearability, breathability and impermeability requirements during training and competitions.

EA7 offers a collection that guarantees outstanding performance for those who practice sports as a profession or simply for personal pleasure. Joining the well-established VIGOR7 and VENTUS7 technologies is the new FUROR7 technology, perfect for training outdoors in the winter.

Vigor7 is applied to slim-fit pieces ideal for athletic activities performed within a short time frame. The graphic lines featured along the muscular areas of the body highlight the compression zones that facilitate exercise and enhance the appearance of the figure.

Ventus7 allows for breathability in athletic disciplines where aerobic exercise is performed over a longer period of time. Furor7 combines the highest level of breathability with particular attention to constant body-temperature maintenance. The winter colour palette includes black, red, army green, fluorescent yellow/orange and grey; camouflage prints are also featured. For intense athletic activity, the line offers a selection of aerodynamic, high-performance trainers.

With its selection of 7.0 pieces, EA7 is looking towards the future and the latest fashion trends, offering a luxury sports wardrobe perfect for those who want to wear exclusive looks while engaged in physical, sporting activity. The clothing, made with innovative materials and applying new technologies, is high-performing, with extremely modern shapes.  For the AW2018/19 collection, the colour black predominates, augmented with metallic prints.

EA7 offers urban and active looks for all ages, designed for both indoor and outdoor training. The colour palette ranges from classic white, black and grey to army green, burgundy and bright blue.

Stylised camouflage and a melange effect provide the pieces with flair. A maxi-version of the EA7 logo (a combination of the iconic Emporio Armani eagle and the number 7) boldly stands out on tracksuits, T-shirts, tops and sweatshirts – a visual motif that creates a sense of belonging to the brand.

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