Melissa SS2018 Advertising Campaign

Melissa SS2018 Advertising Campaign
In a moment where borders are being questioned worldwide, the official territory representation and its features gets a new perspective. Advanced technologies, as well as the political and social continuously changing scenery, brought to the cartography new approaches and so different methods to register what´s being observed and experienced around the cities. Population gets closer to the virtual life, giving this science-art revolutionary dimensions and emerging collaborative aspects and more and more complete location records every day, going beyond the coordinates. Living conditions, neighborhoods routine, purchasing power, social conflicts dynamics and consume habits: everything can be mapped.

Melissa finds in this context the starting point to create its Summer 18: MAPPING. More than location, MAPPING is inspired on the fashion culture mapping of places and non-places where people become local agents of the regions where they move, transforming and connecting, in real life, points in the paper. That´s how the brand considers architecture as a storyteller element and industrial aspects as a reflex of transformative advances, also looking to the organic flow that has reallocated the handmade fashion and, so, the work of communities all around the world. With MAPPING, Melissa also brings a communication focused on the geographic representations changes and reinvention, as well as its connections. The visual artist Verena Smit signs the new collection logo, inspired by the development of imaginary places maps, materializing the desire to discover new spots and non-places – which become places when mapped. Besides, subway lines summarize the geolocation presence in the cities routine, highlighting the integration between extremes and the birth of ephemeral places from the typical conglomeration in these zones.

To release the collection, Melissa also looks to its own local and raw material, in an unique moment when the brand contemplates and values its origins. That´s why all the MAPPING shoes soles form, together, the map of Farroupilha city (RS) – where they were created and produced. Besides, the brand elects ten main items of the season to get places and non-places names, each one represented by coordinates, creating a layout where Melissa can be found in different points of the world.

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