BALMAIN SS2018 Men Collection

BALMAIN SS2018 Men Collection
"Among my favorite social media comments are those commending me on my great French. Perhaps because Balmain has so strongly emphasized the beauty of a truly diverse world open to all global influences, people might overlook my own roots. 

But lately, like so many others, I’ve become keenly aware of them, as this nation bucked a dangerous trend, veering sharply away from a small-minded fear of others, while strongly reaffirming key ideals that are both universal and uniquely tied to France and its long history.

My team and I often stress that Balmain reflects how our generation dresses but perhaps because of this recent affirmation of essential values, I felt myself pushed to create an even more personal runway offering one that best reflects how I feel and dress today.

Like the runway’s soundtrack, the collection relies both on familiar classics and a paring back to a raw, honest essential. A tougher, urban edge is clearly evident, both in the sharp silhouette and the limited color palette.

Yes, there is an undeniable Parisian mood. But, while we were obviously inspired by signature French styles, we were never constrained by them - this remains, first and foremost, a Balmain collection.

This runway’s spotlight shines a bright light on our atelier’s skillful French tailoring, but the familiar mastery of embellishment and leather designs is also easily spotted.

Above all, one senses the strong confidence of “l’aventurier contre tout guerrier,” hailed in today’s Indochine song - the assertive attitude that defines our young, bold Balmain army." Said Olivier Rousteing.

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