The Macallan Presents The Masters Of Photography: Steven Klein Edition In Hong Kong

In celebration of its sixth Master of Photography collaboration, The Macallan hosted an exciting introduction Masters of Photography by Steven Klein Edition’s unique theme of Time Captured – manipulating a dynamic dimension interpreted only through the art of photography. The Macallan amalgamates the creative forces of whisky making, photography and gastronomy to reveal a transformation through the art of mastery in time.  In its sixth instalment of this acclaimed series, The Macallan and Steven Klein convey a world standing still in a single moment in time explored through a moving camera.  With creative key visuals, the event will present to guests a unique and immersive journey. Steven Klein commented, “This project has given me chance to create a film and a special edition bottle and box. This was a true merging of artist and commerce, where I had great support from the team at Macallan in this endeavour. “My intention was to examine a world standing still through a moving camera. Typically with consumption of alcohol, there is always an abundance of movement. I thought what if it had all stopped for a moment and I could take a closer look at it. The idea is the perception of time. I used one of my favourite designers, Thom Brown, for the characters because I believe his clothes are bridged between the past and future in a great way.

 Klein distils a moment in time through his distinctive and disruptive lens to create a short film and ten individual images of an incredible tableau. This edition is paired with a whisky of such standout quality, itself capturing an ultimate Macallan moment, limited to only 1,000 bottles. To accompany this distinctive piece, The Macallan has created an awe-inspiring whisky. Each component of Steven Klein’s art piece is reflected through the Master Whisky Maker’s vision, creating a very specific and unusual whisky, mirroring his own interpretation of the work. Calling on time past, the whisky creation process involves whiskies rooted in the past and the art, with peated notes representing the smokiness of the industrial setting.  This is combined with a selection of incredible casks, giving a whisky with sweetness, mystique and vibrancy unseen before in any Macallan whisky.  The first ever use of casks previously used for Rioja give a pinkish colour, again reflective of the artist’s piece. The Masters of Photography: Steven Klein edition is presented in stunning black case containing the limited edition whisky; Steven Klein’s signed print, horse’s head bottle stop along with a range of tools to create serves and flavour experiences inspired by the Roca brothers.

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