Baume & Mericer Introduces The Clifton Club Watch Collection

Baume & Mericer celebrates the launch of the Clifton Club watch collection tailored for the “Gentlesportsmen” and hosted grand opening event for the pop up exhibition in Hong Kong lately. During the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève (SIHH) held early this year, Baume & Mercier unveiled the brand new Clifton Club collection, showcasing a few exquisite timepieces with unique sporty designs.

The Clifton Club collection is inspired by the “Gentlesportsmen” who enjoy the pure pleasure brought by sports. The collection is designed for men who are truly of their time and radiate confidence, for all occasions, professional and sporting.

To demonstrate the true “Gentlesportsmanship”, the brand invited two bike polo players, rarely seen in Hong Kong, to enthrall the audience with their flawless live performance. The brand commercial of this collection made its debut broadcast at the event as well. The specially-assembled bike with a 40-inch video screen put every player in a surreal experience as if they were actually racing on streets. 3 tracks were installed in the game, featuring the Tsing Ma Bridge, the Inspiration Lake neighborhood and the Peak Road.

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