Ministry Of Tomorrow Debuts MOT MAG

Eco-fashion house, Ministry of Tomorrow announces the launch of MOT MAG, a new radical Vegan lifestyle magazine featuring an array of provocative articles that aim to inspire conscious living. The quarterly digital magazine publishes stories told from alternative perspectives that draw attention to world culture, promotes sustainability and conscientious choices that benefit humanity and our planet. MOT MAG reports on high fashion, plant based living, revolutionary movements, highlighting whistle blowers, activists, environmental and societal issues as well as spirituality and world music. The magazine’s target audience is young spirited people who are educated, individualistic, and crave authentic and meaningful life experience. 

“MOT is not promoting to the me too crowd” said Julian Prolman founder and president of the Ministry of Tomorrow and publisher of MOT MAG. Feature stories in MOT MAG’s inaugural issue include exclusive interviews with; NY Times bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch, about his latest addition to the ‘Conversations With God’ series and with PETA founder and executive director Ingrid Newkirk, who shares her personal journey in an intimate open letter. “MOT MAG is one of the ways we are creating a culture that expresses the ethos of the Ministry of Tomorrow brand which is centered on free thought and respect for nature”, said Prolman.

MOT MAG is a free publication with a voluntary subscription. Subscribers will receive news updates, advance announcements to MOT Events and exclusive promotional offers for Ministry of Tomorrow goods by signing up at www.motmag.com. For more information about MOT MAG please inquire at info@ministryoftomorrow.com

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