DVF SS2017 Collection

DVF SS2017 collection focuses on a new mood of energized femininity. Exploring and evolving themes on which the brand was founded, the collection evokes an attitude of strength and confidence.

A lively mix of prints introduces a feeling of ad-lib freedom. Craft is at the core: silks and cottons are non-digitally screen-printed; Sakura blossom from a reworked kimono spills over a summer dress.

Deconstructed ruffles cascade from the shoulder and generous scarf hemlines billow fluidly, while elements of tailoring add a degree of precision.

 Vibrant colors are drawn from natural sources; sky blue, terracotta and grass green.

The collection pays pragmatic consideration to what we want to wear right now, mindfully equipping us for the season in real time. Global and democratic in spirit, a cool, modern attitude remains.

“It began with the mission to make desirable clothes that are effortless, but imaginative,” says chief creative officer Jonathan Saunders. “It’s about fluidity, movement, sensuality and spontaneity. That’s why we shot everything in motion. It’s in keeping with Diane’s values of how a woman should feel in her clothes.”

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