PRADA SS2017 Men Collection

PRADA SS2017 Men Collection is an intermingling of cultures, pursuit of knowledge and an analysis of the present. The set for the SS2017 Prada show designed by AMO is conceived as a stratification of architectures. The remnants of the previous show are left on the periphery of the room as foundation and visible background for the new scenography, whereas the center is freed to host the new set.

The central element in the space is a linear structure which divides the room and amplifies its perceived proportions. A straight ramp, between the inserted ceiling and floor, serves as catwalk, while tribunes are arranged along the perimeter to accommodate the guests. A continuous metallic surface folds around all the elements of the set: generating an abstract layer, composed of meshes with different patterns and dimensions that overlap to recreate a total space. The transparency of the cladding material unveils the underlying framework with Cartesian precision.

The psychedelic glow that spreads throughout the space dematerializes all the surfaces, coloring the room, now reminiscent of a post-human scenario. The models walk in the center at a controlled distance from the audience, virtually levitating in the space. They ascend onto the elongated slope of the ramp incessantly, disappearing towards the vanishing point.

Young men and women move about in post-human space. By way of a physical journey through knowledge and sharing experiences, they recover their human factor.

The ever-present backpack carries all the essentials needed for dealing with emergencies: shoes, bags, jackets, eyewear, torches, water bottles.

Travellers prefer light fabrics and bright colours of practical clothes which reflect the worlds of sport (sailing, parachuting and diving) and outdoor activities.

An optimistic, topical collection, sometimes a little tongue-in-cheek. Prints reminiscent of the Aztecs, Indians and Icelanders nod in the direction of faraway, almost unknown regions and countries and shed any ethnical connections. Then there are prints of the Earth photographed from on high; a vision of a confused, uncertain world in this moment in history.

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