TK Seafood & Steak @ A Taipei Alternative Steakhouse

 Fine dining in Taipei may not be everyone’s priority when comes to eating out, as the street vendor food scene is the main focus for the local and visitor alike. But, once a while, we need to be served and pampered in a restaurant with nice ambience, and some carefully tailor-made meals or cuisine for a change. The TK Seafood & Steak restaurant in this boutique design Hotel PROVERBS Taipei in Da'an district is the recent real find for steak, even for the locals. mylifestylenews writes.

Located on the Ground level (1st floor for Taipei), TK Seafood & Steak is created by Culinary Director Fudy Chen who brings agriculture and aquaculture into play at his newest seafood & steak restaurant, using prime wagyu beef and also his own delectable house dry-aged beef. Besides, steaks is not only the "must order" when you dine in TK Seafood & Steak restaurant as their daily harvested vegetables and seafood from his very own farm and local fishing wharf delivers to his kitchen daily and is readily transformed into an exquisite meals at your table when your order is placed.

We love the idea of reducing carbon footprint and yet supporting the local farmers, fishermen and other fresh local suppliers. Most importantly, it is cost effective. Hence, with such sustainable and fresh produce on offer, TK Seafood & Steak restaurant has become one of Taipei’s hippest restaurants recently.

When you enter the restaurant, the semi-open kitchen your draws attention where young chefs are busily preparing for the evening diners. A floor to ceiling wine cellar on the left divides the concierge counter and creates a cozy yet dining atmosphere. Proceeding further into the main dining area, three-storey chandeliers illuminates the entire area with the reflection of wall glass wall creating a more romantic dining experience.

Do not expect the traditional old Chester lounge chairs or dim lights with classic gueridon table service here as this modern contemporary Seafood & Steak restaurant is a much more casual yet elegant, eatery for you to enjoy and relax in for the planned evening.

<Uni Bruschestta with Guanciale and Burratta>
First of all, you got to love Uni – the sea urchin before you could enjoy this starter as many may not find it too fishy and yet if you are into it, the mashy texture with a hint of sweetness in taste is divine, especially it was served on a hot and light greased bruschetta as well as the thinly sliced Italian Guanciale cured meat (almost a bacon) from the pork jowl or cheeks together with the buratta cheese to balance the entire complexity mouth full palate.

<Luffa Soup with Clams and Market Fish> 
It is quite rare to find Luffa soup in a western restaurant especially for this region, Luffa is quite commonly used in everyday’s comfort food. The thick soup mixed with seafood broth creates a light yet creamy texture, almost a pumpkin soup delight. Clams are fresh and juicy yet the only downside was only two clams are served, such a teaser! The daily catch market fish skin was grilled to a light crispiness without destroying the firm body and texture of the fish. Quite an impressive dish by maximizing the sustainability use of local produce.

<Josper Roasted Abalone, Semi-Dry Tomato, Shiso, Green Olive Lemon Oil> 
Here comes the South African abalone and perhaps this is one of the very least produce that is not from local supply. Abalone is never our priority when comes to dining out, yet Chef insisted us to savor this creation. The combination of all ingredients used is to offer you a more satisfying palate of the sauce spread over the abalone where the remaining gummy chewy texture of the flesh, which is always the case. It is also a challenging dish as it is more like the fame that you are eating when an abalone is served.

<Steam Market Fish, Fennel Cream with Braised Radish>
And again, steam fish is rare to find in western cuisine as the closest is to poach. This light & cheerful delight is something best for a diet meal plans yet it is still very tasty. Well marinated fillet of fish with the skin remain served with the Japanese braised radish that brings out the hint sugar sweetness and the combination of the fennel cream balance out the palate while the water cress salad acts as a mouth cleanser to end the dish.

<U.S.A. “Snake River Farms” Golden Label Short Ribs>
The highlight of the evening has arrived. Steaks selection is wide here, from the house-aged Porterhouse to A5 Wagyu Striploin (which is limited serving per day), Wagyu Bone in Ribeye, Rossini, Chateaubriand Steak, short ribs and etc. You can’t just ignore them here. Chef had prepared the medium rare grilled U.S.A. “Snake River Farms” golden label short ribs for us which was a divine choice of the evening. Say no words but the meat and preparation speak by itself and not to mention that their Mangalica Pork Chop with Whisky Rhuburb is another dish that already has your eye on it for next visit.

<Chocolate Cake>
Not really having much room for dessert and yet the meal has to round up with the sweet ending.  Rich and firm, not too sweet and thank goodness it was a mouth full size. All wells ends well.

TK Seafood & Steak restaurant is the place to go for premium steaks and seasonal seafood cuisine, where fine food with a creative thought mingled into an intimate and indulgent pleasure in its three-story-high and radiantly-lit space. Taipei surely has another best alternative steak house to dine for.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4.5/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4.5/5
Experience: 4.5/5

56, Section 1, Da'an Road,
Da'an District,
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: +886 2 2711 1118

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