The Iron Fairies Hong Kong @ Get Ready To Be Spelled

The Iron Fairies - One of the most anticipated and magical entertainment has come to life on Hollywood Road. Since the success in Bangkok, everyone was curious when will this happen in Hong Kong and now the spell has broken as as The Iron Fairies is now enchanting the city's night scene.

Created by acclaimed Australian designer Ashley Sutton, who has exported his enchanted den of magic and mystery from New York, Bangkok and Tokyo, Iron Fairies promises a bewitching night of live jazz and blues, innovative comfort food and exceptional mixology, amidst other worldly interiors that captivate and invigorate imaginations.

To create this unique and magical space, Sutton has partnered with Dining Concepts, which has enthralled the city’s entertainment scene with recently opening Ophelia and creative cocktail space J.Boroski. Iron Fairies promises to add a touch of magic to Hong Kong’s entertainment and night scene.

Inspired by Sutton’s experience in the iron ore mines of Western Australia, and taking cues from his own children’s book trilogy about a band of grumpy miners trapped underground, tasked with forging iron fairies from the ore, this beguiling space is an ironsmith’s workshop that has become bewitched by a troupe of mischievous fairies determined to dance and sing the night away.

Furnished in raw, iron, hand-hewn timber, and soft, supple leather, the space caters for 80 guests across six individually designed furnaces and casting rooms and a main workshop space, a wonderland of industrial and magical design featuring low-slung ceilings, hand-made custom furnishings, working mine machinery, and a hanging garden that is home to 10,000 intricately crafted butterflies. The new Hong Kong workshop will be home to 12 fairies, each having its own, often mischievous, personality and identity.

“The beauty of the fairies is that with 12 personality types, you will be able to identify with one or more of them, even the four mischievous ones,” says Sutton. The Iron Fairies will retail merchandise, including fairy dust, iron fairies figurines, and iron fairy story books for guests.

A contemporary and innovative menu bound to please the palates of both miners and fairies alike will be presented by Head Chef Todd Williams and will be matched with boutique beers, crafted cocktails and a selection of wines. Signature dishes include Fried Pork Knuckle, Fat Gut’s Overloaded Burger and Vita’s Honey Toast and a range of hand-crafted Australian burgers.

The experience at The Iron Fairies will be complemented by an ever-changing roster of emerging and established jazz and blues acts, making The Iron Fairies an enchanting and entertaining nightspot. “Dreams are where passion is born, passion makes dreams come true,” Said Sutton.

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