Giorgio Armani AW2017 Womenwear Black Velvet Collection

Giorgio Armani AW2016-17 Womenwear Black Velvet Collection is black, dense, tactile, mysterious. Giorgio Armani has always loved this material for its subdued, intense splendor.

Velvet is the protagonist of a collection that unfolds in different episodes, connected by a material that plays with light and reflections like no other, creating a sophisticated, seductive imaginary world.

New shapes combine precise lines and the bohemian feel of fabrics swarming with jacquard brushstrokes, splashes of colour, gradations of tone and stylized flowers. 

These tactile, textured signs lit up the surfaces and intrigue the eye.

Also featured are surprising black-tie details, such as a decorative black lacquer collar with a long tie, casually placed on dresses and jackets, and nude fishnet ankle boots accented with black toecaps. 

In the middle of the night, black velvet is brightened with little previous highlights.

This collection, as mandatory for Giorgio Armani, looks at reality with a new eye – dreamy and emotional.

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