PRADA Linea Rossa SS2019 Collection

 PRADA Linea Rossa SS2019 Collection is a new perspective, a fusion of sportswear and contemporary elegance: the Prada Linea Rossa SS2019 collection features garments designed with avant-garde techniques and made of innovative, futuristic materials.

Ultra-functional minimalism is the dimension of the collection that combines a design with sleek, pure, aerodynamic lines, high performance and a modern attitude. Breathable, elasticized and waterproof fabrics are a characteristic of Linea Rossa.

The men's, women's and unisex garments have relaxed or slim fit silhouettes to permit the best performance in any occasion. The Prada Linea Rossa digital campaign is a technoid take on the classic technique of chronophotography, which captures multiple frames of motion and combines them into a single image.

Lineisy Montero and Jun Young are the protagonists of the video in a succession of moments that reveal, as if in a parallel reality, the invisible energy of our daily actions and infinitesimal ways of being.

Creative Direction:
Thomas Lenthal

Daniel Sannwald

Elodie David Touboul

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