Le Petit Chef - A Mysterious Dinner Time Story

An animated dining experience is nothing new in this modern fast-paced dining scene but to some in Dubai, the appearance of Le Petit Chef in Four Seasons Hotel Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) somewhat manages to establish some excitement. Is Le Petit Chef just only a gimmick for a one off dining experience or does it serve up to the standard of a delish gastronomy that impresses? mylifestylenews writes.

A great night out with a delicious meal is aspiring to a night to remember especially when it comes along with some other entertainment that enlightens the evening with fun and laughter. With the latest advancement of technology and through the magic of visual mapping and 3D projections, Le Petit Chef in Four Seasons DIFC wants to tell you a mysterious dinner time story with Le Petit Chef, perhaps the world’s smallest chef at an approximate 58mm tall, who actually does the “cooking” on your table through his culinary voyage around the globe.

The culinary journey begins by following Marco Polo’s footsteps through dishes accompanied by clever props, sound effects and scents with the story-telling aspect accentuating each dish in a whole new definition. The 3D immersive animation features the sojourn on the Silk Road through dishes inspired by France, Middle East, India and China. The host of the evening is in no doubt Le Petit Chef narrating the entire experience allowing you to breathe the icy air of the Himalayas one moment, riding on the back of a bird the next, crossing the ocean and feeling warm and heady at an Arabic souk through the illuminated overhead projectors.

Prior to some questions being asked during the reservation to avoid having any allergy from the food intake, you don’t know the menu and you don’t know what you are expecting to eat even when you have been seated. While every diner is invited to partake in a culinary journey by being given a journal to jot your comments in and drop a line over your jovial “dinner and a movie” experience right after each course was presented and after the mystery is unveiled.

<Le Petit Bouclée de Marseille>
We started our journey with Le Petit Chef disembarked at Marseille in France with a amuse bouche consisting caviar potato pave, foie gras macaron, Ahi tuna with piment d’espelette that was presented inside a treasure box.

The journey to the east.

<Mixed Mezza>
From the Continental Europe, Le Petit Chef took us the to the Orient to experience the fresh spices from the Arabic market with a combination of starters that consisted lentil & beef kibbeh – a Levantine dish made of bulgur (wheat), minced onions and finely groud lean beef with Middle Eastern spices, muhammarah pepper dip, house made pita bread and hummus.

<Lobster Biryani>
India was the next destination we ventured to with Le Petit Chef by presenting his Lobster Biryani with cashew nuts, cucumber and raita - an Indian side dish of yoghurt containing chopped cucumber and other vegetables and spices.

<Lemon Yoghurt Sorbet>
A refreshing break with this yummy lemon yoghurt sorbert which floats on a special container bowl while letting the dry ice escape through the holes fro a more dramatic presentation.

Entering China

<Beef & Broccoli>
The next journey was China. With a red color hue illuminating the dining table while the Glazed prime beef short rib was presented with broccolini and mushroom.

<Cardamom Crème Brulee>
For the final destination, Le Petit Chef took us back to his heritage in France sweetening us by the cardamom crème brulee with glazed citrus and pistachio over Chantilly cream.

Everyone was well entertained and enchanted by the whimsical Le Petit Chef leading us throughout the meal with a captivating show. At the same time, you want the food to be memorable, however, we were not presented with anything that stood out from the norm – it was a pleasantly enjoyable meal, but we were expecting some ingredients that were more exotic. While the cuisine should be the main focus instead of the projected movie that steals the show, the versatile and various components to each course can still be elevated to enhance all senses by pushing the boundaries instead of just the visionary.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 3/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Building 9, Unit GV09
Level GF Gate Village
Dubai, UAE
Tel:+971 4 506 0000

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