CHOPARD Presents The Magical Setting Collection

CHOPARD presents its scintillating new collection, Magical Setting, at the Presidential Suite of the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong recently with a dazzling and spectacular re-imagination of classic Haute Joaillerie, the Magical Setting Collection celebrates the freedom and boundless potential of femininity.

Flowers are the leitmotifs of this exquisite event - guests are first greeted y an interrupted archway of precious blossoms. Dominated by a palette of rouge and gold, the event space becomes a playground for the imagination - a bejewelled domicile in which lustre, lightness and sophistication focus the attention.

The brilliant settings of the collection are combined with elegantly faceted gemstones and diamonds to play and excite amidst the rich hanging greenery that border the walls and memorialize the majesty of the moment.

At the end of a marvellous promenade, guests are brought to the living room, where comfort and ease are complemented by the entertainment: the subtle melodies of a harp and piano play accompaniment to a ballet show – a musical synonym for the elegance, poise and visual poetry that has been interwoven into the designs of the Collection.

Exciting and sophisticated, the ballet dance is a visual metaphor for the craftsmanship and vision of CHOPARD’s creations – freedom of form, lightness of motion, beautiful contours rendered into sublime and natural forms. The performance serves as the climax of a day of celebration, with models also showcasing the pieces throughout the extraordinary event.

The Collection’s centrepiece, the floral cluster, stands proudly amidst a bed of blooming roses. Here, the talent of Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director of CHOPARD, takes centre stage: the classicism, nobility and versatility of the traditional floral cluster transforms into a creation of lightness and femininity, of starry elegance and universal excitement.

A natural development of CHOPARD’s classic Happy Diamonds, Magical Setting is an expression of radiant jewellery at its most wondrous. Each cluster is centred on a significant single stone and encircled throughout with other unusually large stones, giving the classic design an unexpected edge of bold modernity. While the centre stone of each cluster is set in barely-claws, the surrounding stones are held in place as if by magic, with no visible means of support, and no metal visible from the front or top of the jewel.

Representing a bold step forwards in the world of classic Haute Joaillerie, Magical Setting is a testament of what jewellery truly means to the House of CHOPARD. In this new generation of a timeless classic, CHOPARD has created something that is sensational and seductive, feminine and powerful, as awe-inspiring as it is free.

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