Caudalie Introduces Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream

Caudalie Introduces Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream with grape brightening power 62 x more powerful than Vitamin C gives you a natural glow and radiance renewal in 8 hours. For centuries women have longed to achieve brighter skin and combat pigmentation, from investment in laser treatments to whitening beauty products. Recent research has identified that dark spots occur most commonly in women aged from 20 to 60. Surprisingly, only 53% of them knew the causes of dark spots which are determined by internal hormonal fluctuations and external aggressors including sun exposure and photo-sensitive whitening products. The appearance of dark spots holds you back from having radiant skin.

Powering the Vinoperfect collection is the precious Viniferine, giving you the natural brightening solution from the vineyard. The iconic and best-selling Vinoperfect Radiance Serum is the No. 1 anti-dark spot product in France over 10 years, with each bottle sold every 30 seconds around the world! The New Vinoperfect Dark Spot Correcting Glycolic Night Cream is launched under the highly regarded brightening series, designed with Viniferine to tackle any pigmentation and time-release glycolic acid to transform skin gently in 8 hours. This latest spot-targeting night-time ally powers up your brightening skincare regimen, revealing a new level of clarity and luminosity upon awakening.

The collection contains no parabens, phenoxyethanol, paraffin, mineral oils, phtahlates, sodium laureth sulfate or any animal ingredients. The highly natural and gentle whitening formula promises a healthy and truly lit-from-within glow.

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