45R SS2019 Hong Kong Presentation

Yasumi Inoue, the Founder and Designer of 45R continued her global expedition in an attempt to rekindle the roots of the brand and her personal philosophy and aesthetics. Taken her encounter with animals and plants during her journey as inspirations, she perfectly combined 45R’s profound craftsmanship namely embroidery, pleating, cutwork and delicate prints to present a series of stylish, cozy and artistic creations. Her time in United States also inspired her to reinvent the Hawaiian Aloha shirt and infuse American style elements into the design, to offer a retro "Vintage is an attitude" SS2019 collection.

Adorned with vivid florals, eye-catching geometric patterns and signature artisan details (such as embroidery, knitting, patchwork), this new collection showcases 45R’s delicate craftsmanship and its belief in “Simple is beautiful”.

The style is inspired by Pojagi, traditional Korean patchwork made from leftover of luxurious material. Similar to the Japanese Furoshiki, Pojagi is mainly used for gift wrapping or in wedding ceremony to send out blessings. The unique patchwork design of tops and dresses is made of airy and comfortable Khadi fabric in check and stripe patterns. The simple design accented with panel pleats and slits for different cuts and fits. Apart from the patterned pieces, versatile styles in solid black and white are also available to complete simple and stylish looks.

This series is also inspired by Pojagi, but tailored with feathery light and smooth silk. By patch working the range with checks in varied blue hues and dimensions, these pieces are perfect for refreshing and casual looks. Top is touched up with ruffles around the front to exude hint of femininity.

Embellished with floral patchworks by hand, this cotton collection comes with vest top, blouse and dress that can fit for different occasions. Available in solid and dot patterned variation.

To elevate poplin pieces with lace-alike cutwork embroidery effect along collar and hem, artisans drawn the motif on the fabric then layers of embroidery are applied to outline the motif than finally delicately cut out the pattern. This is a perfect reflection on the brand’s continued commitment to craftsmanship.

Fine environmentally friendly pieces are crafted with fabrics made from plant extracts, biodegradable cupro to express 45R’s love for nature and eco-conscious design approach. Inspired by pattern on a vintage handkerchief, the painterly motif is realized by silk screen printing to add an artistic and retro flair to the items. The use of patchwork turns up the volume of playfulness on the skirt.

Printed with 45R signature paisley pattern that breathes vintage, these soft and breathable pieces are tailored in modern silhouette for a twist. Stay cozy and chic with this series.

Saijiki is a popular classic of 45R while tee, denim and bandana are its roots. These pieces are reinterpreted with unique inspirations and elements every season to offer new, refreshing yet signature creations.

Taken Yasumi Inoue’s travel experience as design inspirations, a series of soft and durable organic Zimbabwe cotton tees are created for casual staple lovers. Bohemian florals, postcard stamp and brand logo are featured on tee design by traditional block painting patchwork will definitely add a playful twist to your wardrobe.

Staying true to its roots in natural indigo dyeing technique and denim, 45R has brought more than 30 nuanced shades of ai indigo blue and countless denim fits to life over the years. The brand’s thoughtful and virtuoso craftsmanship lends itself to every design detail, from the eight different types of stitches used to enhance durability to the meticulous curvature of the back pockets that makes the denim look more structured. This season’s denim stands out with embroidery, patchwork and milled waist detail that add a personal touch to denim design while showcasing the brand’s attention to details.

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