Van Cleef & Arpels Presents The New Perlée Collection

 True to its style of refined curves, the Perlée™ collection introduces new bracelet aesthetics to accentuate both hard stones and diamonds. A revival of the tradition of golden beads, these joyful creations shine in varied tones, suggesting infinite associations. In the spirit of the Maison's Between the Finger Ring™, three new bracelets display diverse harmonies of color. Diamonds and cabochons of hard stones are placed opposite on an open shank, exhibiting an original aesthetic design. Yellow gold complements the singular beauty of malachite and white gold accents the glow of turquoise, while the warmth of pink gold echoes the radiant hue of carnelian.

Each bracelet is made up of a multitude of delicate, shimmering beads that uphold the joyful spirit of the collection. Worn in a sparkling cascade around the wrist, they graciously heighten the precious union of the stones. They combine beautifully with the rings, pendants and earrings in the Perlée collection, sharing the same interplay between materials and golden beads. To complement the Perlée diamonds creations, three delicate bracelets exhibit a row of round diamonds surrounded by two rows of gold beads. With their flowing lines, these creations sparkle with every movement, tenderly caressing the wrist with their graceful dance.

Worn in twos or threes, they elicit limitless associations, the different hues of gold blending in perfect harmony. The discreet brightness of white gold complements the sunny tint of yellow gold, adorning the skin in a gleaming halo, or the warm and feminine nuance of pink gold. For even more variations, they can accompany Perlée signature pieces engraved with roundhand letters, or play perfectly off the curves of Perlée pearls of gold bracelets. Thanks to their discreet clasp and a new choice of sizes, the bracelets can grace any wrist with finesse. Perlée creations remain faithful to the tradition of excellence of the Maison. Reflecting its expertise and savoir-faire, each detail is carefully studied. Each bead is reworked by hand and then polished to bring out its characteristic gleam. On open bracelets, the hinge becomes imperceptible thanks to exacting jewelry craftsmanship. The inner surface is polished using the mirror polishing technique dear to Van Cleef & Arpels.

Diamonds are selected according to the strictest gemological criteria: D, E or F for color and IF, VVS1 or VVS2 for clarity. They sparkle with intensity on Perlée diamonds pieces thanks to an openwork gold structure that allows light to pass through in the purest fine jewelry tradition. The hard stones also meet the Maison’s stringent selection criteria. Malachite, with its deep green hues, draws its poetic spirit from the regular streaks running across its surface, while turquoise stands out for its opaque blue color, at once intense and uniform. Carnelian is chosen for the consistency of its red-orange tone, warm and deep, which is further enhanced by polishing.

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