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Undeniably, Thai cuisine has its magical touch of senses and palates that make everyone fall for its delectable tastes and flavors. Spicy or not is another gambit but the authenticity that is truth to its tradition and retains the quality which is distinctively Thai at heart, dining in PIROM Thai Cuisine at the InterContinental Hua Hin is all about happiness. mylifestylenews writes.

There is always something that caters for every palate with the fantastic range of salivating dishes in Thai Cuisine. From salad, soup, stir-fried, deep-fried, curries, hot and cold savories to the irresistible Thai desserts and most importantly, the gastronomy doesn’t stray far from its traditional recipes and there is always something that excites your senses and appetite from its alluring presentation to its opulent taste. This almost all-day dining PIROM Thai Cuisine at the InterContinental Hua Hin serves international and local breakfast to its hotel guests. When the sun goes down, the restaurant will turn into a homey and casual Thai restaurant that serves Thai cuisine throughout the evening with its traditional Thai menu.

As you enter PIROM, the Banana palm leaves are illuminated from its neon board with tinted glass sliding doors open to welcome you to the restaurant. An open kitchen is the first sight that emerged in your eyes after you stepped in. The chef and his culinary team were busy preparing the orders while the sizzling sound from the wok was clearly heard. We were offered the alfresco sittings and even one of those sunken lounge pavilions that deemed to be more romantic for couples but we preferred to stay indoors especially in a tropical climate to get away from the humidity as well as dining with potential uninvited guests – the mosquito.

Crafted white tiles in different patterns and motifs grace the walls of the indoor dining ambience, with traditional Thai fruit painting and facemask illustrations adding more life and colors to the dim and cozy room. We love the black leaves print table cloth that was very well placed on every dining table contrasting the contemporary cushioned chairs and gives a lively update in contrast to the traditional Thai heritage. The name PIROM reflects the meaning of happiness in Thai and PIROM specializes in authentic cooking without needing a twist but to present their diners with the most genuine Thai flavor that is both wholesome and flavorsome.

Our first dish that came to the table was the Kang Khao Phuek – Crispy taro dumplings served in large pieces and deep fried to its light fluffiness with minced prawn pork fillings mixed with Thai spices. It was nicely presented and arranged in a star shaped pattern accompanied by a small bowl of pickles in the middle to ease the grease from the filling of the taro dumpling. After the heavy starter, we needed something fresh and stimulating. The Som Tum Gai Yang was the next best compliment. Green papaya salad tossed with hot chili, dried shrimps, fish sauce and other condiments, served with grilled chicken skewers was definitely an appetite opener.

We couldn’t resist by not ordering the classic Tom Yam Goong. This hot & sour prawn soup cooks with lemongrass, mushrooms and other sharp and pungent ingredients used to create the complexity of this popular soup dish in Thai cuisine. If PIROM can add a little more kick to its spicy level as told when the order was placed, it would be a good stimulating start for the entire dining experience.

Curry dishes are another culinary Thai heritage tradition. Gaeng Phed Ped Yang is another signature dish in PIROM. This rich and creamy, hot and spicy grilled duck red curry cooked in coconut milk, grape, tomato cherry and sweet basil is divine. There is no other way to compliment this dish with a bowl or high quality steamy hot jasmine rice. PIROM has it all! We love the way how Thai people steam their fish. Pla Ka Pong Neung Manao will never go wrong to wow your palate. The whole sea bass was steamed with garlic, chili and lime sauce and some restaurants serve with flaming charcoal underneath to keep the heat of the fish and also enhance the salivating sauce, but here the tradition is not followed. Every mouthful of this dish is well celebrated with another small spoonful of fragrant jasmine rice. An all time favorite!

Thai dishes are usually placed on the table to be shared, creating a cozy home-like atmosphere. Our next dish that came to the table was the Khao Kraphrao Moo – Steamed rice with a choice of stir friend chicken, beef or pork with chili, hot basil and topped with a fried egg. Simplicity at its best when the right and fresh ingredients are used, this Thai style comfort food is second to none for any stir-fried dishes in Thai cuisine. Thai cuisine in PIROM does not use alcohol and is lactose free of any sort and the kitchens are entirely free of MSG. On the other hand, sugar is used in generally every dish, combining a basic ingredient in Asian culinary backgrounds.

We can’t leave PIROM without sampling their Phad Thai Lum Nam Khong. The stir fried Thai rice noodles with prawns, bean sprouts in sour tamarind sauce ends our meal of the evening with a big smile on our face. Three reasonably sized prawns topped the noodle dish that was quite flavorsome. The food is nothing short of a delicious encounter. Loving what they do and do it at its best, such joyous culinary is brought to life in this wonderful deluge of flavors. This is what PIROM stands for.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4.5/5
Design & Decor: 4/5
Food & Beverage: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Phad Thai Lum Nam Khong
Pla Ka Pong Neung Manao

33/33 Petchkasem Road
Tambon Hua Hin, Amphoe Hua Hin
Chang Wat Prachuap
Khiri Khan, Thailand
Tel: +66 3 2616 999

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