EMPORIO ARMANI SS2018 freEAdom Women Collection

 Freedom as lightness of being and eclecticism of appearance. A collection frame, true to Emporio Armani’s principles: a mirror of contemporary reality, made of clothes designed in essential, rigorous Armani style, which is expressed through generous volumes and muted hues.

Key items – windbreakers, duster coats, T-shirts, dresses, suits, jackets, cargo pants and shorts to wear layered, mixed and matched as elements of a unique personal expression.

A celebration of feminine beauty in all its nuances, whether with high heels or sneakers: being yourself is what counts. A collection dedicated to free-spirited, dynamic women, unabashedly showing their legs with a sporty spring in their step.

They have fun with clothes, without losing their aplomb: from wearing a windbreaker over a business suit, to combining a sweatshirt with shorts, to tying a visor through their hair, to wearing belts and bags accented with fluorescent and postmodern details.

The accessories underscore the concept of freedom: handbags, geometric-style sandals and white sneakers.

Lightness of spirit is expressed through almost-intangible materials: technical cotton fabrics, and silk and voile with a soft, sheer handle, all enhanced by a muted palette of pastel hues. Design details accentuate the playful spirit of the collection. Playing with fashion, without forsaking beauty: this is the message of the collection.

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