KIEHL'S Introduces Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask

In 2010, Kiehl’s Since 1851 paved the way for the facial oil category when it introduced Midnight Recovery Concentrate, a potent formula with a blend of botanical extracts that helps restore the look of skin overnight. Since launch, the celebrated formula has maintained a top 10 ranking for Kiehl’s globally, selling over 5 million bottles since launch. In 2015, Kiehl’s introduced Daily Reviving Concentrate, the daytime companion to Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and in 2016, inspired by eastern beauty trends, a new star was born with Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil - an oil cleanser to remove even the heaviest makeup looks. With these formulas, Kiehl’s chemists proved that facial oils don’t have to feel heavy or greasy; they can be lightweight, yet packed with a powerful blend of naturally derived ingredients to provide efficacious results.

Today, Kiehl’s chemists are proud to introduce their latest take on facial masks with a first to market technology, non-comedogenic, hydrogel-biocellulose sheet mask. Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask is infused with an exotic blend of three plant-derived cold-pressed oils from the Brazilian Amazon and offers immediate, dewy hydration and softer feeling, smoother looking skin over time. Inspired by customer demand for a sheet mask that fits all face shapes and allows for no-mess application, Instant Renewal Concentrate Mask has a 2-piece design that comfortably adheres to any face shape, ensuring optimal absorption of key ingredients. For an improved application experience, the mask features a unique hydrogel-biocellulose technology - no drip, no mess - while delivering quick absorption and instant, dewy hydration.

Brazilian Amazon conditions are unique for plant life; because of the incessant rain that beats down on the Amazon rainforest, soils are generally poor in nutrients. In such harsh environments, plants cannot afford the additional threat of being devoured by voracious insects. To defend themselves, plans in the Amazon have evolved an amazing range of strategies and tools. These include production of resins such as Copaiba Resin Oil, which plants produce in response to injury to protect themselves from invading insects and pathogens. Some plants produce unique oily components, such as Pracaxi & Andiroba Oils, which can also help protect them in harsh conditions.“The most common sheet masks in the market are either paper or cotton, which are known to have low adherence and absorption, and messy application,” shares Dr. Geoff Genesky, Scientific Director. “Unlike traditional sheet masks, our formula is infused directly into the hybrid hydrogel-biocellulose material”

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