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For a journey inspired by the European cycle of the seasons, Kempinski The Spa in the Kempisnki Hotel Corvinus Budapest is a journey to inspire. mylifestylenews writes.

Our spa experiences in the past are very much used to the Asian style and way of treatments that is known for its warm reception with procedures that are being looked into with detail and a much more personalized service to let you feel entirely relaxed and recharged. While doing Spas in Europe is an entirely different experience or approach and is not so much focused on the experiential side, but rather to deliver a treatment that gets results and so it was that we found ourselves about to experience the delights of the Spa in Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest.

Drawing on the elemental wisdom of nature, the treatments in Kempinski The Spa invokes and restores your body’s natural equilibrium with a tranquil and relaxing environment. Despite that the Spa in this luxury hotel is not extensive, there are more than enough treatment rooms to meet your needs and we had no doubts about what experience lay ahead when we are in the environs of the first luxury hotel brand in Budapest, which has been in operation in a prime location for over 26 years now.

On arrival, it is evident that there seems to have been a clear design intent to keep things simple (which is a complete contrast to Asian spas, which are all about design experiences). We went through the usual pleasantries of the welcome drink, questionnaire and introduction to our therapists, but of course it is the treatment itself that takes centre stage and the reason for us to be booked in for a massage.

We decided on a Winter Warmer massage and given that we were in Eastern Europe experiencing the delights of a snowy winter, with the temperature hovering around zero by the evening, the selected treatment was rather apt, given that we had spent the day walking around the city for hours rugged up in heavy overcoats and had arrived back at the hotel with aching and weary muscles.

The aim of the Winter Warmer is to invoke and restore the body’s natural equilibrium by being energizing, which is initiated by the use of grapeseed oils – usually a combination of Basil and Rosemary, but in our case one of the treatments was conducted with a combination of Grapefruit and Rosemary oil. Such ingredients have a natural tendency to stimulate the senses and by using these combinations, this classic deep massage is both energizing and nourishing. The treatment is specifically designed to focus on painful joints or stiffness in the body, and to add a soothing note, a warming Shea and Mango butter foot balm treatment is also included.

At the onset of our spa journey, we were asked the usual question about whether there was any special area on which to focus and it was a resounding no, but within minutes of the treatment beginning, the therapists expert hands had managed to locate a number of key areas on the shoulder and calves that quite clearly needed attention. This was attained by gradually applying a firmer touch within minutes of starting, with the use of finger pressure to really delve deeply into the muscle tissue and we were grateful for this firm touch, as it paid dividends by the end of the treatment. The foot balm was so soothing to round off a wonderful and satisfying experience.

The only minor quibbles were the choice of music, the clinical reception/waiting area design and the lack of information about the oils being used -  with some tweaking here, the experience could be elevated just that little bit more. It was such a welcome respite after a day of sightseeing amidst the chilly winter weather, so to be warmed by this spa journey was just the reviving tonic we needed.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 5/5
Design & Decor: 3/5
Service: 4.5/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Winter Warmer Treatment

Erzsebet ter 7-8
1051 Budapest  Hungary
Tel: +36 1 429 3585

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