Lehmann Glass Introduces New Range Of Wine Glasses

Lehmann Glass, France’s tirelessly innovative glassware producer introduces a new range of wine glasses available in Hong Kong. What sets Lehmann Glass apart from other glassware producers is the depth of the company’s design collaboration with leading sommeliers, Masters of Wine and France’s grand wine, spirit and champagne estates.
While aesthetic appeal is important, Lehmann Glass designs are driven by the tasting experience. Based in Reims, the company has worked closely with the great Champagne estates for the last 30 years to innovate approaches to Champagne and sparkling wine tasting. Breaking from the confines of conventional flute glasses, Lehmann Glass has redefined the champagne glass to enhance effervescence and allow for the full complexity of aromas and flavours to be appreciated.

Developed with Domaine Les Crayères Head SommelierPhillippe Jamesse, this sophisticated range of blown crystal glasses features a pointed base to enhance effervescence and provide a precise starting point to swirl the wine. Elegantly light with gentle curves and a generous, spherical bowl, the designs allow the flavours and aromas of both sparkling and still wines to fully unfold and reveal themselves.

The result of an exciting collaboration with world-leading Master of Wine Gérard Basset, the unique Oenomust range puts Lehmann Glass ahead of the pack with its fearlessly innovative twin-curve design. The generously rounded bulb at the base allows for gentle swirling and aeration, then curves to a narrower rim which captures and intensifies the aromas.According to Basset, the design “is quite simply a flavour enhancer.”

Simple, elegant and robust, these lead-free crystal glasses are perfect for everyday use. The Excellence range of versatile designs will enhance any wine style and situation.

The Absolus range is the result of Lehmann Glass’s long and close collaborations with the great Champagne houses. They yearned for a glass with a pointed base to enhance effervescence, but with a wide bowl to allow for the full appreciation of their wines’ complexity. Lehmann Glass delivered with these strikingly stylish hybrid designs which will bring out the aromas in any wine, whether sparkling or still.


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