Giorgio Armani 2017 Eyewear Collection

 Giorgio Armani 2017 Eyewear Collection continues with its inimitable style, making changes and focusing on daring designs without distorting or disowning the original inprint. This elegant  MEN - AR 8095 & AR 7135 roundshaped model features an original double bridge and an intriguing mix of materials: carbon fibre, Wenge or Canaletto walnut wood, and nylon. Presented on the catwalk, these glasses are the result of innovative tactile surface research studies.

The triple layer temple construction, with a carbon fibre core encased in two layers of wood, is particularly innovative. The shape is harmonious; the double screws preceding the Giorgio Armani logo shown in full give it a retro touch. Available in matte black with Wenge temples and dark brown lenses; matte Havana with Canaletto walnut temples and brown gradient lenses; matte blue Havana with Canaletto walnut temples and green-to-grey gradient lenses. In the optical version, featuring the same temple construction, the front has a more classic square shape. Available in matte Havana and matte black.

WMN - AR 6051
The distinctive construction of these phantos glasses consists of concentric circles. This original frame features a clear nylon structure placed between the lens and the metal frame, creating a glass effect that makes the lens look as if it were suspended. The result is a pair of glossy, lightweight, sparkling glasses, with a strong visual impact. The Giorgio Armani logo is engraved on the temple. Available in silver with blue mirror lenses and in pale gold with orange mirror lenses.

WMN - AR 6055 & AR 5074
This sophisticated model is a symbol of Giorgio Armani's creative boldness and unmistakable style. The innovative construction of the handmade front, results in a triple layer effect: a two-tone double acetate layer surrounding an inner metal layer. The contrast of materials and feminine colours creates a delicate sense of harmony and composure. The vintage double bridge accentuates the sense of movement. Fastened directly onto the front, the ultralight thin metal temples ensure flexibility and comfort. The GA logo is elegantly embossed on the temples. Available in the following versions: speckled Havana front on gunmetal frame with dark brown lenses; black and yellow Havana front on a gold frame with dark grey lenses. The optical model has the same construction, but with slightly smaller shapes and volumes. Available in two versions: black and yellow Havana on a gold frame, or red and beige Havana on a gold frame.

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