Leonard Paris SS2017 Handbag Collections

Leonard Handbag SS2017 Collections create a fresh yet exotic universe, introduce sensitivity in the everyday palette. The patterns, both organic and geometrical, borrow from “Art Nouveau”, recorded precisely the proportioned views of natural scenery, with the lingering charms of ancient landscapes and idyllic poems. Eastern flowers like the peach blossom, water lily bloom vividly on leather, colorful, fresh and evanescent, telling stories of the oriental Neverland. When Leonard presents a collection, everything about it exudes novelty and creativity. The indissociable Lyons-style printing techniques, the hand printed floral patterns, and more importantly creation based around the tradition state the constant quest for the beautiful, and has turned into a real work of art for the new Leonard handbag collections.

BLEU KLEIN Handbag Collection
Inspired by the world’s purest color, Klein Blue, the handbag collection brings us to the full bloom of spring. Wildflowers are all at their peak, sending forth pleasant aromas, stretching petals lazily and enchantingly. The precious moment freezes as SANTAL floral print of the handbag collection. Klein Blue is mixed with dark blue and Tyrian pink tones, matched with the brief and essential handbag silhouettes, to reach at a perfect balance of minimalism and sophistication.

NUIT & PALMES Handbag Collection
Nuit & Palmes handbag collection are as peacefully elegant as a moonlit night on the beach. The silently blooming lilies and bamboo leaf that stands for nobleman are subtly swaying in wind from the floral print. Ashy tones has let out the romance essence of the Parisian brand. The arabesques, rhythms and colors, delicately layered, seem to come straight out from the dark leather body. A poetic and graphic touch for holiday looks.

MORROCO ZELLIGE Handbag Collection
With her architectural, fluid designs that compile both flexibility and style, Leonard designer Christine Phung reinterpreted the historied patterns from Morocco Zellige tiles. The auspicious clouds mingles with Arabian ornaments, freely travelling between the east and the west. Graphic curves intertwine with geometrical lines and shapes, which deconstruct the pattern with a modern finish. Essential and brief, the handbag collection brings the sense of exotic and artistic into the daily wardrobe, aiming to create an inspiring image of an elegant adventurer of style.

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