GUCCI New Fragrance @ Gucci Guilty Absolute


Are you GUILTY or ABSOLUTE Not Guilty?
GUCCI introduces its first man fragrance created by Alessandro Michele and maître perfumeur Alberto Morillas and a new dawn has broken over Gucci Guilty.Gucci Guilty Absolute is a modern declaration of self expression and emancipated sexuality.  The fragrances convey the liberated message of #GuiltyNotGuilty: an attitude of feeling
completely free. From this revolution a new scent is born. Created for a man who defines his own masculinity. Mixing refined traditional essences with the newest innovative ingredients in perfumery, Guilty Absolute is defined by a singular structure. A linear scent, the complex ingredients merge as one. The traditional transition of top, heart and base notes don’t apply. Rather Guilty Absolute surrounds the wearer over time.

The scent’s powerful signature is driven by two singular scent innovations inspired by the majesty of woods and leather, the House’s signature material. Woodleather™ and Goldenwood™ are new innovations, never used before in perfumery. Gucci Guilty Absolute embodies the liberated man it is made for, it is an innovative expression of a men’s woody scent. The master perfumer and Alessandro Michele share the same approach to their craft: an unceasing passion to create, and an unflinching attitude to do so beyond the traditional rules of fashion and fragrance. Like Alessandro Michele’s collections, there is a mix of messages behind the scent. A leather hero ingredient is an homage to the ultimate Gucci material; while the flacon is finished with details inspired by the codes of a refined lounge; the sensorial textures and colors of cigars and cognac.

The Essence
Alberto Morillas lends his high artistic sensibility to Gucci Guilty Absolute. A renegade fragrance in the men’s highly populated woody olfactory category, the scent breaks the mold of a traditional woody construction. To set it apart, the master perfumer created a particular blend with a structure that remains unchanged from the first time it is applied to the skin. To do this Alberto Morillas defined the scent with two leading notes, custom-mixing a Leather accord Woodleather™ as a tribute to the House’s leather-making roots, and a rare type of a common perfumery note, Goldenwood™, a new natural extract of the Nootka Cypress. Discovering the ingredient under an old bell jar in the Royal Botanical Gardens’ archive, Alberto Morillas selected it especially for Gucci Guilty Absolute. The resulting scent features ultra-dry woody notes with depth and complexity. Intensifying the fragrance’s composition are three forms of Patchouli oils with sweet, dark and earthy character, and Vetiver, the fresh and earthy grass from woods.  Mysterious, highly scented and multi-faceted, Patchouli is reinvented for Guilty Absolute with a trio of Patchouli essences. The plant’s essence is captured via a traditional steam distillation to create warmth, radiance and complexity. Patchouli Fraction captures the heart of the scent with clean and woody notes. Derived from sugar cane, Clearwood mixes with the woody and ambery sensuality of Patchouli. The purity of dry woody Vetiver Heart, from the heart of distilled Vetiver roots creates a perfume bridge to the woody and leathery signatures of Guilty Absolute.

The Bottle
Rituals and traditions from a masculine world, the textures and colors of cigars and cognacs inspire the bottle design. The smooth flask style lines of the original and best-selling Gucci Guilty fragrance take the same shape for Guilty Absolute, the flacon filled with an Absolute rich cognac-hued scent and finished with a shiny black cap. A tobacco military-colored outer carton features black interlocking Gs.

The Campaign
Jared Leto’s mirrored reflection is an enigmatic gaze. Captured by photographer Glen Luchford, the award-winning actor conveys a feeling of contemporary masculinity that spirals through the House: assured, individual and free-spirited. Jared Leto wears distinct tailoring and accents from the design lexicon of Alessandro Michele: a piped edged jacket, shirt with a folded neck-tie and decorative rings. Images and video of the bottle reprise the Gucci collections’ style of mixing eras and aesthetics. The ornate setting reveals vintage apothecary bottles and bell jars, showing the elements of the fragrance in an unconventional way.

Complex and innovative, Guilty Absolute is a distinct scent amongst the men’s woody family, conveying a powerful statement expressed by entirely new ingredients. Guided by Alessandro Michele’s vision, Guilty Absolute is a modern interpretation of masculinity and sensuality. So, #GuiltyNotGuilty 

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