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 Hong Kong dining scene never seems subside and it takes a while to play catch up for what’s new in our neighborhood as they can be easily seen and gone without you knowing it. It is like one of those short weekend breakaways of yours after when you return Hong Kong, you may not even have a chance to say farewell. With the new trend of pizza joint opens where most of the food porn had have enough of the traditional Italian version or those you never gonna finish big American slice from the easy take-out, The Point Pizza & Pasta will have you tasted your pizza in a much trendier way with gourmet ingredient used. mylifestylenews explores......

After winning the hearts of food lovers at its Causeway Bay shop, THE POINT Pizza & Pasta is now opened its second location, extending its roadway across the harbor at The One Shopping Mall in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Boasting a 2,000 sqf and reaps Italian elements with high ceilings, the contemporary interior with splashes of fresh green color tones and the18-meter glass-paneled façade, and warm wood and bronze accents complementing an open pizza and bar area. This pizza heaven with pies made from “00 Flour” and fresh mozzarella from Italy, and quality seafood and meats from France and Australia. With a mission to provide gourmet quality food at affordable everyday prices, and they want to ensure you to enjoy the food created in Michelin-starred kitchen environments. From the unique menu to the modern interior, each and every element join together to create an everyday gourmet feeling.

We started with the <Lobster Bisque>, despite the flavor in the lobster bisque was rather on the light side yet the flavor also lacking on the usual intense kick.

The <Wild Mushroom Soup> is rather more stimulating with its rich aroma hit straight to yoru nose while it was presented on the table wanting you to slurp it right away.

Next, the sharing platter of the class Italian cold cut <Antipasto Platter> with a selection of aged prosciutto, speck, mortadella, salame and buffalo mozzarella. Well thin-sliced made it even more palatable.

A "palate cleanser" is necessary before we head on the the entree. his refreshing <Arugula & Pear Salad> garnished with gorgonzola, walnuts and truffle vinaigrette won't go wrong for any Italian meal.

The juicy and meaty <White Wine Clams> with chili and garlic is another preview between our entree. Despite the menu has an indication of a red chili and yet it was quite mild when it served. It was almost none chili heat we can taste.

<Conchiglie Pasta With Wagyu Beef Ribs> Wagyu beef short ribs braised in red wine on pasta shells is just about right for a palate change. Conchiglie are done in al-dente and the Wagyu beef ribs was braised in red-wine sauce to perfect tenderness.

<Spaghetti With King Prawns> Another highlighted dishes recommended by the wait-staff, this pan-fired king prawns with rich seafood sauce is duly a must order. The spaghetti absorbed the flavor from the king prawn on its best.

Everyone loves a good bread or a steaming bowl of noodles – add to that a good dose of imagination drawn upon the multi-cultural gastronomic traditions of Hong Kong, and we have the opportunity to revolutionize the way we enjoy pizza and pasta. The <Foie Gras Pizza> glazed with balsamic vinegar and fresh baby cress to add a slight kick are one of the many signature dishes from its vast menu selection.

If pizza is not your craving, other timeless classics with an innovative twist, like <Rotisserie French Spring Chicken> made with a secret fresh rosemary marinade and served with 3 homemade sauces: a coveted recipe that brings out the sweetness of the honey and fragrances of the fresh rosemary. The chicken was on a dry side and none of the sauce really stand out for what it should be. A rather expected well-made dish with disappointment.

Their  “one-of-a-kind” dishes like <Lobster Pizza> with all of the meat from an entire lobster complemented by fresh fennel and chewy buffalo mozzarella. This PIZZA HEAVEN’s signature pizzas are fast-fired in their state of the art stone-hearth oven by Woodstone, a brand favored by Michelin starred chefs and upscale restaurant chains worldwide. A pizza for dessert? The heavenly oven aroma is not just restricted to savory pies but also offers a range of sweet pizzas, especially <Banana Heaven> a Marshmallow pizza pie that combines freshly roasted bananas, chocolate, vanilla ice cream.

Their goal is to deliver premium quality dishes to everyday people and a place that you can come to for a good, hearty meal, any time, any day. THE POINT makes it a priority to ensure everyone feels welcome, everyday with gourmet food for everyday people and that’s THE POINT.

Tried & Tested:
Location: 4/5
Design & Decor: 3.5/5
Food & Beverage: 3.5/5
Service: 4/5
Value For Money: 4/5
Experience: 4/5

Conchiglie Pasta With Wagyu Beef Ribs
Spaghetti With King Prawns

L409, The ONE
100 Nathan Road
Tsim Sha Tsui
Kowloon, Hong Kong 
Tel: +852 2598 0030

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