REDValentino AW2016/17 Ad Campaign

REDValentino reassigns British singer and songwriter Birdy the role of protagonist of the new AW2016/17 campaign. Her spontaneous spirit perfectly represents REDValentino’s unconventional and dreamy poetry. Birdy was shot in the baroque Villa Parisi situated in the outskirts of Rome by young photographer Olivia Bee.The campaign portrays Birdy performing her song Take my Heart from her latest album Beautiful Lies in three different scenes: she is surrounded by suffused candle light, lays on a piano covered in ivy, she wears black angels wings. Birdy stands in the dark creating a magical atmosphere that continues the REDValentino whimsical and surreal tale.

Olivia Bee, the 22 year old photographer and director from Portland, Oregon based in Brooklyn, New York. She is intrigued by the beauty of everyday life and how the beauty of memories (real or imagined) touches us.

 Villa Parisi, Frascati:
One of the twelve historical villas built a powerful Roman family on the hills surrounding the town in a relatively short time from 1550 to 1620. Decorated with paintings from the Valeriani brothers, Ignazio Heldman and Taddeo Kuntze. The garden is surrounded by Roman ruins of an ancient villa. It used to be the summer residence of Princess Pauline Bonaparte, wife of Camillo Borghese and his family. 

An Italian art-director agency who works for fashion’s top brands. Its collaboration with Valentino dates back to the Maison’s SS2009 AD campaign. 

 Fulvia Tello 

Simone Belli

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