Symphonica @ George Michael

It has been a while since we have heard George Michael singing and performing live recording. When the talented singer (despite his not so well organized private life) embarked on his Symphonica tour in 2011, he said to those around him: “this is about the voice – this part of my career is about the voice.”  He wanted, he said to really explore and showcase his extraordinary vocals, backed by an orchestra in each new location.  And that seemed sensible enough.  Michael is, after all, as well known for his immaculate vocals as for his superior song-writing abilities. When this album releases, it quench all thirst. Symphonica, Michael’s sixth solo album, was recorded during his phenomenally successful tour of 2011 and ’12. However, when you consider how desperately ill he became in 2011, the fact that he is able to record music at all is an achievement in itself. For that, he deserves the credit.

The album was designed as a mixture of the material from his own catalogue that he thought would suit orchestration and the remainder were simply some of my favourite songs as well as being songs that he thought would compliment and challenge his voice. The album is co-produced by the late, great, legendary music producer, Phil Ramone who during his long career worked with everyone from Frank Sinatra to Barbra Streisand, and also produced the last single that Amy Winehouse recorded (with Tony Bennett) before her untimely death in 2011. Ramone himself died in March 2013 and Symphonica is his final work. Micheal went full-on for Nina Simone cover of <My Baby Just Cares For me>, other classics like < A Different Corner>, <Praying For Times> after he went solo are still timeless. The remake of Terence Trent D'Arby <Let Her Down Easy> becomes one of the highlights for this album especially an artistic black & white music video was made renown British MTV Director Vaughan Arnell and casted more than 3000 candidates for the lead female role, Hannah Janes for the love story took place in the circus.

The gifted singer/songwriter made a triumphant "come back" despite this is not a brand spanking new album but yet his remarkable vocal can still belt it out. He is still able to craft songs of extraordinary lyrical beauty and great emotional depth, he is not known as a perfectionist for nothing and this project is simply delicate, romantic and pleasantly sensual. " I felt very honest to be doing a tour like Symphonica, I like to challenge myself to improve as a vocalist and believe me, singing with an orchestra is one way to do it and it is all about the voice!" Says Michael.

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